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In any norm limn ||y n || = , provided | k | 1 for all k = 0, 1, . . . , N 1 ( RN N ). Consequently, limn ||x n || = too (because ||x n || = ||T y n || ||T || ||y n || and ||T || is nite). We conclude that h is an acceptable step size, provided the eigenvalues of I + hA do not possess a magnitude greater than unity. Note that in practice we normally insist that h result in | k | < 1 for all k. We may apply the previous stability analysis to the implicit Euler method. Speci cally, apply (10.88) to model problem (10.89), giving xn+1 = xn + h[a00 xn+1 + a01 yn+1 ] yn+1 = yn + h[a10 xn+1 + a11 yn+1 ],
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f = fK+I,K+I - fZ+lQ(K,fK+l.
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Under these assumptions, the linear least squares estimator has the following properties: If the distribution and the covariance matrix of the observations are unknown, then all that may be concluded about the weighted linear least squares estimator is that it is linear in the observations and unbiased. This is true for all weighting matrices including the identity matrix that corresponds to the ordinary least squares estimator. Under these conditions, there are no reasons to assume that the variance of t^ has optimal properties. If the covariance matrix C of the observations w is known, it may be used to construct the best linear unbiased estimator:
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If you think that the Feather command is a hot tool for creating softened selection outlines, wait until you get a load of gradations in the quick mask mode. There s no better way to create fading effects than selecting an image with the one of the gradient tools.
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FIGURE 2.19. Interferogram of a corner cube prism with some errors in the angles of the faces tested in the retrore ecting con guration and with an average tilt equal to zero.
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In this chapter you gleaned an overview of PHP, one of the most popular Web programming languages in use today. You learned what PHP is, and looked at some of the types of Web applications you can build using it. You also explored some of the alternatives to PHP, including: ASP and ASP.NET Perl Java Python Ruby and Ruby on Rails ColdFusion
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When you move a selection, you leave a hole in your image in the background color, as shown in the top half of Figure 8-20. If you prefer to leave the original in place during a move, you have to clone the selection that is, create a copy of the selection without upsetting the contents of the Clipboard. Photoshop offers several ways to clone a selection: Alt-dragging: When the move tool is active, press Alt and drag a selection to clone it. The bottom half of Figure 8-20 shows a selection I Alt-dragged three times. (Between clonings, I changed the gray level of each selection to set them apart a little more clearly.) Ctrl+Alt-dragging: If some tool other than the move tool is active, Ctrl+Altdrag the selection to clone it. This is probably the technique you ll end up using most often. Alt+arrowing: When the move tool is active, press Alt in combination with one of the arrow keys to clone the selection and nudge it one pixel away from the original. If you want to move the image multiple pixels, press Alt+arrow the first time only. Then nudge the clone using the arrow key alone. Otherwise, you ll create a bunch of clones, which can be a pain in the neck to undo. Ctrl+Alt+arrowing: If some other tool is active, press Ctrl and Alt with an arrow key. Again, press only Alt the first time, unless you want to create a string of clones. Drag-and-drop: Like about every other program on the planet, Photoshop lets you clone a selection between documents by dragging it with the move tool from one open window and dropping it in another, as demonstrated in Figure 8-21. As long as you manage to drop into the second window, the original image remains intact and selected in the first window. My advice: Don t worry about exact positioning during a drag-and-drop; first get it into the second window and then worry about placement.
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described here is designed for microcellular wireless networks. A short introduction of dominant propagation mechanisms in microcellular environments is outlined in the following subsection which clarifies the operation of the subsequent location technique. The deployment of microcells is motivated by the desire to reduce cell sizes in areas where a large number of users require access to the cellular network. This could in theory be achieved using macrocells, where the BS antennas are placed above the average roof top height, but this would significantly increase the costs and planning difficulties. In a microcell the BS antenna is typically at the same height as lamp posts (3-6 m above ground level), although the antenna is more usually mounted on a side or corner of a building. The dominant propagation mechanisms in a microcellular environment are free space propagation, plus multiple reflection and scattering within the cell coverage area, together with diffraction around the vertical edges of buildings and over the rooftops. Since the BS antenna is always below the average roof top height, it is often surrounded by local scatterers and thus submerged into the clutter. As a result, several MPCs impinging on the BS can generally be observed, which are characterised in terms of AoA, ToA and power. Contrary to macrocells, in microcells the MPCs arrive at the BS with a large angular spread. This feature
In Table 14-1 you ll find some of the vendors that make MCE-compatible remotes, along with information about their transmission technology and pricing, plus related comments.
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