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The function strftime(format,timetuple) formats a TimeTuple in a format you specify. The function strftime returns the string format after performing substitutions on various codes marked with a percent sign, as shown in Table 13-2:
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Then the dispersion relation becomes
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Figure 18-22: This Play Scene Action is triggered by a mouseover. You can see the paths of the scene in gray on the page while in Layout mode.
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If you are playing music by album, Media Center puts all of the tracks from the album in a queue. You can see the queue by clicking the View Queue button at any time while in My Music. You can mix and match songs from artists or albums in the queue, but for this example one album has been selected and is in the queue. It plays the song you selected or the rst song in the queue and then it keeps playing the next songs in the queue. The song playing has a graphic equalizer next to the track name and the name of the track is also displayed in the Now Playing window on the bottom-left corner of the screen, as shown in Figure 12-12. When you click a song in the list of songs, Media Center starts playing songs at that point and keeps playing until the list has been played. This also applies to other lists as detailed in Table 12-1.
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Subtract, Scale: 1, Offset: 0
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
<xsl:message terminate = yes | no > message </xsl:message>
Oracle SQL
Using e-commerce to build resources
You can create the anchor and link to that anchor all at once simply by Pointing and Shooting to the destination. (What could be easier ) This works whether the link and destination are on the same page or on different pages within your site. If linking to another part of the same page, all you need open is that one page. If you re linking to a specific location within another page of your site, you need that other page open in order to do this.
Irrigation scheme
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