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The objective of h-adaptivity is to locally modify the spatial discretization of a mesh in order to more ef ciently resolve features of the problem s solution. Hierarchical h-adaptivity involves splitting elements into nested elements (re nement) or merging previously re ned elements (unre nement). A typical solution feature to be resolved is the error due to the spatial discretization, in which case the hadaptivity objective is to ef ciently obtain a solution of a speci ed discretization error tolerance. Support for hierarchical h-adaptivity is a collaboration between the Sierra framework and the application, summarized in Figure 11.15. In this collaboration, an application is responsible for r solving the problem on the current discretization, r evaluating whether the solution s discretization is satisfactory, r marking elements for re nement or unre nement, r estimating the elements computational work for DLB, r restricting elds from the to be unre ned nested child mesh entities to the parent mesh entities, and r prolonging the elds from the parent mesh entity to the newly created child mesh entities.
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11: Using the Terminal
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Fig. 5.20 Asymmetric user distribution in mixed traffic networks. LDR = low data rate, HDR = high data rate.
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IP Addressing
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Now, of course, the member ID on its own isn t very helpful. If you want to know the names of the members involved, you have to run another query to look at the data in the members table:
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Networking Nuts and Bolts
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Data mining and prospect (or data) screening are all about what it is called knowledge discovery. Many organizations are taking a closer look at their own donors to find their golden prospects those for whom specialized approach strategies should be designed. Databases are usually searched for donors for one of the following three reasons: 1. Direct marketing 2. Major gift prospects 3. Planned gift prospects Data mining and prospect (or data) screening is one of the key fundraising tools and techniques being implemented today. It is considered hot and new, and for some, it is becoming a must-have. However, it is usually a significant investment, so your nonprofit should carefully consider whether it is right for the organization. You should try not to do it just because it s the latest thing. Here a few common comments from some organizations that have performed prospect screening: It was a huge investment for us and we didn t know what to do with it. Make sure you plan in advance exactly what you are going to do with the results. The final report sat in a drawer for ages (a couple of years even) without being fully utilized, and now the information is stale although still useful for us. It was a good indicator as to whom we should ignore for now and who we should focus on. It s helpful to decide if you are looking at annual or campaign donors and prospects. It confirmed what we already knew about our donor base. It can show that you are heading in the right direction.
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overbooking anumber of subscriberssharing a connection, each perceivingto have it to themselves service level 64 144 Overbooking 10 30 25 20 20 15 10 5
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8: Security Tips and Tricks
Terminal testing
4. Open the Record menu and click the Beam Item command; or to beam all items select Beam Category. That s all there is to it! Exchanging applications isn t much more difficult. Here s how to exchange an application between two Palms: 1. Turn on beaming and point the two devices so that their IR ports face each other. 2. Open the Application Launcher, and from the App menu select the Beam command. 3. Tap the application to be beamed and click the Beam button. Beaming works for distances of from 6 inches to 3 feet (10 cm to 1 m) for most Palm models. If you are having trouble beaming, Palm recommends that you do the following: move out of direct sunlight, check your batteries, change distance or angle, check free memory, do a soft reset, and if necessary remove any system hacks. Not all applications can be beamed; you ll see the lock icon on the name of any application that can t be beamed. Did I mention that you can beam games between Palms If you are attending a convention or trade show with your Palm you may encounter kiosks from a company called Bluefish or Wideray, similar to the one you see in Figure 18-8. Bluefish and Wideray allow you to have a database of information about the convention beamed into your Palm or PocketPC device that you can use while working the floor. The database application that you need is also installed by this process.
Actual cell throughput can be computed as a function of the average SINR, given the maximum number of HS-PDSCHs (see Section 4.3). Figure 7.21 shows the performance results attained for ve HS-PDSCH codes using a link level simulator, where the HSDSCH was 100% utilised. When more HSDPA users are active in the cell, throughput per connection depends on such factors as packet data transfer activity and the scheduling algorithm. In the case of round robin scheduling, the average cell throughput of Figure 7.21 is equally divided among active users. Average SINR vs. HSDPA transmission power
The PyErr_Warn(PyObject *category, char *message) function sends the warning pointed to by message to the user, which Python by default displays on standard error. The category parameter can be any of the following global warning variables:
Tip Both the off and frozen states make layers invisible. The purpose of frozen and thawed layer states is to reduce regeneration time this is the main difference between On/Off and Thawed/Frozen layer visibility options. However, today s computers are faster, and recent releases of the software have reduced the need for regeneration. Also, remember that thawing a layer causes a regeneration, whereas turning a layer back on only causes a redraw. As a result, you might actually save a regeneration by using On/Off instead of Thawed/Frozen.
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