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1. Load the application that was completed in the previous exercise. If you didn t do the previous exercise, enter the text of the chgmytext routine from that exercise in Visual LISP s edit window, and save it as ab35-05.lsp in AutoCAD 2006\Support or a folder that you ve added to the support file search path. Then load it with any drawing that you open in AutoCAD.
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IP version 4 offers Class A, B, C, D, and E addresses. Each network can be split into subnets, which are a group of devices that can communicate directly at layer 2. Communication between subnets occurs at layer 3 and requires an intervening router.
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The type names all follow the Py<Name>_Type convention; for example, PyInt_Type, PyDict_Type, and so on. The S and U formats are shortcuts for O! that ensure that the argument is a string or Unicode string. By using the O& format, you can supply a conversion function for an object (which can be useful if you have to perform the same conversion in many places):
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N OT E Before going any further, there is one fact of XSQL of which you should be aware. Regardless of how you set the rowset and row element names in your XSQL, they will be uppercase in your output. In the preceding examples they were always set uppercase, so you won t notice the difference. Because XML is case sensitive, though, it s important to be aware of this before you start writing stylesheet code. If you specify lowercase rowset and row element names in your XSQL and then write your stylesheets expecting those, your stylesheets won t work. The solution is simple just uppercase the element names in your stylesheet expressions.
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K = n2 Hyperboloid
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A List Apart, by Jeffrey Zeldman and Brian Platz (www.alistapart.com), describes itself as a weekly online magazine for people who make Web sites, and a moderated discussion list of over 6,000 professional designers, writers, and programmers. It covers Everything connected with making the Web from pixels to prose, coding to content.
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frame relay A Layer 2 protocol that is used to transfer data over a WAN. full duplex A mode of communication whereby a node can simultaneously transmit and receive data across a communications channel. gateway (1) A node capable of relaying user application information among networks employing different architectures and/or protocol suites. (2) An internetworking node operating at the Transport layer or above. (3) An old term for an IP router. (4) A marketing name for anything that connects anything to anything else. Gigabit Ethernet An Ethernet system operating at 1000 Mbps. gigabits per second (Gbps) One billion bits per second. gigahertz (GHz) The radio signal transmission frequency of one billion cycles per second. globally administered address A node or interface identi er whose uniqueness is ensured through the use of an assigned organizationally unique identi er (OUI), typically by the manufacturer of the node or interface. group address Synonymous with multicast address. guru Richard Bramante. hacker A person who has evaded network security with the intention of modifying computer software, hardware con guration, and other security measures to either damage their effective operation or compromise them to the point where data theft can be accomplished without them being detected. half duplex A mode of communication in which a node can either transmit or receive data across a communications channel. hardware address unicast address. Synonymous with MAC address, physical address, and
The official Fedora site states the following space requirements for each type of installation. (See your distribution s Web site to get similar information for your distribution.) Note that these numbers are for installed software only. Swap space and the /boot partition will use additional space. By default the /boot partition is 100MB, and the swap partition is set to twice the amount of RAM your computer has, in megabytes. Custom installation (minimal): 620MB Server: 1.1GB Personal desktop: 2.3GB Workstation: 3.0GB Custom installation (everything): 6.9GB Table 5.1 shows suggested sizes and mount points for a server system. As you gain more experience, you can alter them for your own needs.
TABLE 25.5 Sample rules used in the knowledge base classi cation in the CAD system for AIH on CT brain
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This lead to the conclusion that components an at n nng should be 90 out of phase and of equal magnitude: FN nng iFD nng 14:118
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