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5.1. Is the total energy of the Universe conserved as it expands 5.2. This problem indicates the origin of the equation of state p = pc 2 /3 for radiation. An ideal gas has pressure
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Example 2.3 The following example illustrates the impact of grating lobes in a 3G (UTRA) mobile communications network [14]. A radiation pattern generated from a uniform linear antenna array will contain complete grating lobes if the following equation is satisfied for values other than n = 0 [15].
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MIMO: To gain insight to the MIMO scenario, let us perform an eigenvalue decomposition on the channel matrix as following
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1 a = aeq = 24000noh 2
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A lost file is one that is called for by a page to either inhabit that page or is a destination link from a page but is nowhere to be found on your hard drive or on any other volume accessible to your site at the time. A lost file may have been in the Site Window at one time but was deleted, or it may never have been there at all. Lost files often start out as orphans. It s all too easy for this situation to occur. Your lost file begins as part of a page that resides outside of your site and is not copied into the site when the page is copied over. Thus, it s an orphan. Later, the file is deleted (or the hard drive it was on becomes unavailable). After all, you have no way of knowing that this file is being used as part of a Web site so it is easy to delete it without realizing the repercussions. Thus, the page within GoLive that calls for this file can no longer locate the file and it is noted as missing. As a missing file, it can no longer appear on the containing page so a placeholder appears in its place and it becomes listed in the Missing Files folder.
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Properties are optional and consist of a set of optional name/value pairs that act like header fields to provider more information about a message. These name/value pairs are used to filter messages via message selectors. There are three types of properties: custom properties, JMS-defined properties, and vendor-specific properties. Custom properties are arbitrary and can be added to a message at will by a developer. JMS-defined properties all have names that begin with JMSX. Vendor-specific properties all have names that begin with JMS_<vendor_name>. (For more details on properties, please see the JMS spec.)
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This search engine script reads the user-supplied search text from the search parameter, then redisplays the search text in the page (followed by the search results). For example, if the script was called with the URL
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One of the most innovative techniques in building a data warehouse is what can be termed a creative index, or a creative profile. Figure 3-32 shows an example of a creative index. This type of creative index is created as data is passed from the operational environment to the data warehouse environment. Because each unit of data must be handled in any case, it requires very little overhead to calculate or create an index at this point.
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[ON/OFF/ Clipdepth/Delete/generate Polyline/New boundary] <New>:
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(c) Hydrazine, N2 H4 , has a dihedral angle close to 90 :
We tested a few versions of SBS cells lled with highly puri ed liquid tetrachlorides such as SiCl4, SnCl4, and GeCl4 with stainless steel or glass casings, which have different quality of cleaning of internal surface of SBS-cell casing. Although for low repetition rate both types of cells demonstrated the same performance, at high repetition frequency we could observe the drastic increase of optical breakdown frequency described above. For a stainless steel casing, used in the majority of our experiments at pulse repetition rate f 100 Hz, the above effect was negligible. But with repetition rates in several hundreds of hertz, such negative effects became important. Replacing a stainless steel SBS casing with a glass one lled with the same liquid allowed an increase in the pulse repetition rate up to 1 kHz while the convection ow was still low. The best results of SBS phase conjugation/pulse compression were achieved with an SBS-generator lled with SiCl4, which has the highest SRS threshold and a very stable chemical composition, which keeps its properties even after the breakdowns, so the transparency of this liquid at 1064 nm did not change. A cell lled with GeCl4, was used as the SBS ampli er. With an SiCl4 SRS ampli er the optimal convergence angle found for a laser beam focused in a nonlinear medium was bopt 1:50. For b , bopt, forward SRS process dominated over SBS. In the opposite case b @ bopt, we observed frequent laser optical breakdowns near the focal waist area. For optimal conditions, SBS re ectivity was 30% with compressed pulse width around 350 ps + 25% (approximately 10-fold pulse compression). At the output of the double-pass preampli er the laser pulse energy reached 2 mJ with 5% pulse-to-pulse energy instability, and the beam divergence was close to diffraction-limited divergence (M 2 , 1.1). Figure 7.18 exhibits pulse waveforms for the master oscillator output and after the preampli er. The compressed pulse was ampli ed in the power ampli er up to 35 mJ at pulse repetition rate of 100 Hz. Energy saturation in the ampli er was seen to give rise to changes in the pulse pro le. In particular, the pulse trailing edge, being initially relatively long, got shorter, and the pulse shape became practically symmetric. The same laser con guration was used with an SRS compression in a system developed for generation of picosecond pulses [39]. The layout of this system is shown in Fig. 7.19.
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