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function that creates an integer object with the given value and adds it to the module. PyModule_AddStringConstant(PyObject *m, char *name, char *value) does the same for a string variable.
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A number of other stabilizing reactions have also been proposed for HALS [20, 81]. Some investigators believe that they catalyze hydroperoxide decomposition [85]. Gugumus reports [20, 86 88] that the HALS-induced decomposition of hydroperoxides has been demonstrated unequivocally with preoxidized polypropylene in the solid state at room temperature and in the absence of light. However, others believe that this mechanism is too slow to signi cantly contribute to stabilization at moderate temperatures. Another role attributed to HALS is inhibition of the catalytic action of metal impurities in the polymer by forming complexes with them, thus preventing formation of metal ion hydroperoxide complexes that initiate autooxidation. HALS are generally of little use as stabilizers if acids are present because they react to form salts, which offer no weather resistance. The HALS stabilizers neither act as UV screens nor excited state (singlet oxygen or triplet carbonyl) quenchers. Their UV-stabilizing action is antagonized by the presence of antioxidants that remove alkyl peroxyl radicals and hydroperoxides. However, because they do not stabilize polymers during processing, antioxidants and thermal stabilizers have to be incorporated along with the HALS. Effective synergism has been achieved during processing when some secondary and tertiary hindered amines are used in combination with both aliphatic and aromatic phosphites [89].
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#include stdio.h int getnum() { return 42; } void message() { printf( Hello, SWIG!\n ); } int addem(int j, int k) { return j + k; }
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The RFC 822 header is accessible in the Message Options window in Outlook.
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The editor now displays document.write(text). If you have Syntax Coloring on, the method appears as purple unless you ve changed the default colors. Now you need to tell the browser what to write into the document. This information goes into the parentheses that follow the method. 6. Double-click to select the word text between the parentheses; it s there as a guide. Then type: Your screen resolution is. The script will display exactly what you type between the quotation marks. You can call this hard-coding text. You begin with a quotation mark and then enter the desired text and close with an end quotation mark. Don t forget to include a space to go between words. The editor now displays the following (as shown in Figure 22-9):
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Document Registry
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Part I Welcome to Adobe Acrobat
The rectangular pulse from Figure 7.7 passing through a Gaussian filter with delay.
Loading the XSQL Samples
In this simple gure, the two computers are able to communicate with each other over the POP QUIZ crossover cable. There must be If a cable is wired such that one plug is a some sort of networking protoT568A and the other is a T568B, it would col running on the PCs, such as commonly be referred to as TCP/IP, and some sort of applicable. cation that will allow the sharing of data or devices (which may be locally connected to either or both of them). Some operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh, are network-able and include tools and utilities to facilitate data and device sharing over the network. The last example showed two Ethernet DTE devices interconnected, but how about DCE devices We already mentioned that DCE devices are in the form of hubs, ACRONYM ALERT switches, and routers, so we know we BER Bit error rate are dealing with that kind of device. Why would anyone want to connect those types of devices To illustrate this, we will consider a few simple examples. The rst example is a case where we have a stack of dumb,4 eight-port, passive hubs and there is a small of ce with 15 workers who need to be interconnected to a local server to share the resources available on that server. Figure 6-5 illustrates one method of how these passive eight-port hubs may be used to accomplish this. The three hubs are placed about the of ce for the ease of cabling between each other ACRONYM ALERT and the workstations connected to them. TTL Time to live Since these hubs have eight ports, with one
Using the optional argument to the new function is the same as calling new without any arguments and then passing msg to update:
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