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18 Parsing XML and Other Markup Languages
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The setup for each field is identical. In fact, although an icon exists for each on the Objects palette, you can change one to the other and even back again by clicking a
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Cook, J. (1996) Architecture indigenous to extreme climates, Energy Buildings, 23, 277-291.
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You can think of total editing time as your car s odometer, and elapsed time as a timer that is similar to a trip meter that some cars have to enable you to time a specific trip. At the end of the listing, you see the Enter option [Display/ON/OFF/Reset]: prompt. The Display option redisplays the listing with updated times. ON and OFF turn the elapsed time on and off. The Reset option resets the elapsed time to zero.
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Figure 23-33: The completed drapes.
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Handling errors
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Figure 15-11: Three examples of the kerning options in Photoshop 6. I ve added wedges to track the ever-decreasing space between the difficult pairs Fo and Tr.
Request Handler A
rpm --import /usr/share/rhn/RPM-GPG-KEY
2 Bringing Media to the PC
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5.3.3 Mixtures
expected and how such warming might be geographically distributed. However, at the present time there is worldwide consensus that global warming is indeed well underway, that anthropogenic greenhouse emissions50 are primarily responsible for it, and on the likely consequences of this phenomenon. Even if the estimates are only partly correct, the future generations will face the unpleasant prospect of living on earth that will be the warmest ever since human beings evolved51 . It is important to appreciate that despite the few degrees increase anticipated in global average temperature, the effect on the environment and biosphere could be devastating. After all, during the last Ice Age the global average temperature was less than 6 C lower than it is at present! As the global warming process is already under way the associated environmental consequences are beginning to be apparent. Careful extrapolation of these effects to higher levels of warming and other studies of likely impacts, yield possible global consequences to be expected at a possibly warmer future time. The more serious of these effects are likely to be regional where extreme weather events such as drought heat waves and heavy rainfall are expected to increase over the next 100 years in affected parts of the world. Other regions will actually be cooler than at the present time. Some particularly serious consequences of global warming are as follows.
The uorescence in the absence of q (i.e. [q] = 0), F0 , is given by: F0 = k1 k1 + k2 (3.14)
If your replacements array contains fewer elements than your expressions array, matched text for any expression without a corresponding replacement is replaced with an empty string. For example:
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