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STEPS: Working with Elevation, Thickness, and the HIDE Command
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This angle is traditionally used to de ne the diffraction limit for laser diode arrays and broad area lasers. Since the different spatial modes of a laser diode array radiate in different directions, it is possible to select a given mode using spatial ltering in an external cavity. This can then be used as the basis of a feedback system to improve the spatial coherence of the array. Adaptive optical feedback from a phase conjugator forms a very effective feedback system, since the conjugator automatically feeds back light to the highgain regions of the diodes and at the same time dynamically compensates for misalignment of the external cavity. Recently we have introduced the concept of frequency-selective phase conjugate feedback (FSPCF), which signi cantly improves both the spatial and temporal coherence of high-power laser diode arrays, as well as providing very stable output [42]. Figure 9.1 shows the con guration of the FSPCF. The phase conjugator provides feedback to every laser diode element in the array. Between the diode array and the phase conjugator, a frequency lter and a spatial lter select, respectively, a narrow frequency range and a single spatial mode from the output of the array. The phase conjugator is mounted off-axis, with an angle u between the axis of the laser diode array and the phase conjugator. This asymmetric arrangement combines high output coupling ef ciency with signi cant enhancement of both the spatial and temporal coherence of the laser output. The phase conjugate wave from the phase conjugator retraces the output wave from the laser diode array, such that at all points the wavefronts of the phase conjugate wave coincide with those from the laser diode array. This autoretracing property is key to the use of phase conjugate feedback to improve the spatial and temporal coherence of laser diode arrays. Since the same principle may also be applied to broad area lasers, laser bars, and stacked arrays, phase conjugate feedback can be used with diode laser systems at
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Biochemical Sciences, 23, 138 43. A review of structure function relationship in GroEL. Shtilerman, M., Lorimer, G.H. and Englander, S.W. (1999). Chaperonin function: folding by forced unfolding. Science, 284, 822 5. Xu, Z.H., Horwich, A.L. and Sigler, P.B. (1997). The crystal structure of the asymmetric GroEL-GroES-(ADP)(7) chaperonin complex. Nature, 388, 741 50. The crystal structure of the GroEL/GroES system.
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Contracts and risk allocation
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B Actions and Other Automations
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Command Over view
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[same as (10.142) except k = 1, 0, 1, . . . , m 1, and Lk (t) is now (10.146)]. Method (10.148) is an implicit method since it is necessary to solve for xn+1 . It also requires m + 1 steps. Table 10.2 summarizes the method parameters for various m, and is essentially Table 6.7 from Ref. 12. 10.4.3 Comments on the Adams Families For small values of m in Tables 10.1 and 10.2, we see that the Adams families (AB family and AM family) correspond to methods seen earlier. To be speci c: 1. For m = 0 in Table 10.1, 0 = h, so (10.144) yields the explicit Euler method (10.22). 2. For m = 0 in Table 10.2, 1 = h, so (10.148) yields the implicit Euler method (10.35). 3. For m = 1 in Table 10.2, 1 = 0 = 1 h, so (10.148) yields the trapezoidal 2 method (10.59). Stability analysis for members of the Adams families is performed in the usual manner. For example, when m = 1 in Table 10.1 (i.e., consider the second-order AB method), Eq. (10.144) becomes xn+1 = xn + 1 h[3f (xn , tn ) f (xn 1 , tn 1 )]. 2 (10.150)
Part II Creating PDF Documents
Figure 25-9: A rendering with lights but no shadows. 14. Choose Advanced Render Settings from the Render toolbar again. Click the Specifies If Shadows Are Computed Lightbulb icon in the Shadows section. Click Render. Notice that the rendering takes much longer. Lots of shadows this time! This rendering also makes it clear that no light is coming through the windows. (See the Working with Materials section to learn how to make materials transparent.) The rendering should look like Figure 25-10. 15. Save your drawing. If you re continuing on to the next exercise, keep this drawing open.
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