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Creation QR Code in Java Figure 19-3: The network interface configuration module in SUSE s YaST2 administration tool.

13 Creating and Laying Out Tables
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You have one last way to add a graphic to your page. It s mentioned last because it s not the wisest way to go. However, there s a good chance you ll discover this capability, especially because it looks so easy, so I owe it to you to explain what happens when you do this. You can place a graphic on your page simply by dragging it onto the page directly from any folder that s on your hard drive or any volume you can access with your computer (floppy, external drive, Zip, Jaz, CD-ROM, and so on). When you do this, the image immediately appears on your page and all seems well. Indeed, you ve got the image in place and it s nice because with one very simple step you can see exactly how it looks there. However, as when placing a graphic from outside the Site Window, such images are only linked externally; they are not copied into the site and are not handled by GoLive s file management. You have two ways to get a file into the Site Window after it s been added to a page in the way mentioned previously. The file will appear as an orphan in the Errors tab of the Site Window. You can drag it from there into the Files tab. Alternately, you can use the Site Clean up Site command. However, this command can produce complications depending on the Clear options you select.
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Even in browsers that support JavaScript, it behaves differently depending on the browser. Only the simplest JavaScript will work on most browsers. Textonly browsers, such as Lynx, for disabled users don t support JavaScript. Web phones and many new Internet appliances also don t support JavaScript.
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Protein Explorer is a more sophisticated derivative of RasMol developed by Eric Martz, which can be accessed through either Internet Explorer (version 5.5SP2 or later) or Netscape (version 4) web browsers (Figure 9.26, see colour plate section). The program operates in conjunction with a separate plugin program called Chime, downloadable from a company called MDL (see URL at the end of this chapter. NOTE: It is necessary to register online with MDL before downloading Chime). The URL brings us to FrontDoor which allows us to open up a PDB le by typing a PDB ID into the box and clicking go. A structure appears in one of three windows. The image can be modi ed in two ways. Firstly, by typing commands in the commands window we can vary the image with RasMol commands. Selecting explore more brings us to a window which allows us to customize the image using pulldown commands select, colour and display. 9.5.3 PyMOL
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A wireless server can be a great convenience to your network because once you set it up correctly, there s not much more that you need to do to apply the service to any number of clients. In addition to unifying shared network services, a server or server appliance can lower overall costs by eliminating duplication of equipment, and allow access to a broader range of services than a network without a server. A server can be a simple appliance with a set of preconfigured services that limit what you can modify but lower the complexity involved in their setup, or it can be what is called a General-Purpose Server (GPS). A GPS might be a Windows Server 2003, a Linux server, or a Sun
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Caution The Fit options specify what goes outside the extension lines. Before Release 2000, they specified what went inside the extension lines. Be careful, or you ll get a result that is the opposite of what you intended.
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If a table s width is set to a specific number of pixels or percentage, the table will for the most part remain constant at that size regardless of the sizing within the cells. While the first columns will take on the size you assign them, the last cell will make up the difference between the sum of the cells to its left and the size of the table instead of becoming the size you request. The table sort of steals space as is
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Other functions
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6 The Semiprofessional Podcast Studio
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Simple assignment statements
Weight percentage
The new Customize User Interface dialog box (choose Tools Customize Interface, or type cui ), shown in Figure 29-4, combines all of the tools that you need to manage toolbars. You can create new toolbars, delete toolbars, and customize existing toolbars.
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Flexible Distributed Mesh Data Structure
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