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To set running object snaps, choose Tools Drafting Settings (or right-click the OSNAP button on the status bar and choose Settings) to open the Drafting Settings dialog box, as shown in Figure 4-25. (If necessary, click the Object Snap tab.) Choose the object snaps that you want and click OK. To clear a checked object snap, click it. Click Clear All to clear all running snaps.
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Most of the smart antenna techniques proposed in the literature relate to narrowband beamformers. The antenna spacing of narrowband arrays is usually half of the wavelength of the incoming signal which is assumed to have a fractional bandwidth (FB) of less than 1%. By definition, the FB of a signal is the ratio of the bandwidth to the centre frequency as follows: FB =
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$message = Hi Jim, How are you ; mail( Jim Smith <> , Hello , $message );
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Van Deelen W. and P. Nisenson, Mirror Blank Testing by Real-Time Holographic Interferometry, Appl. Opt., 8, 951 955 (1969). Varner J. R., Holographic Moire Surface Contouring, in Holographic Nondestructive Testing, R. K. Erf, Ed., Academic Press, Orlando, 1974. Vest C. M., Holographic Interferometry, Wiley, New York, 1979. Walker C. A. (Ed.), The Practical Application of the Moire Fringe Method in the Measurement of Strain and Shape, IOP Publishing, Bristol, UK, 2004. Wasowski J., Moire Topographic Maps, Opt. Commun., 2, 321 323 (1970). Welford, W. T., Some Applications of Projected Interference Fringes, Opt. Acta, 16, 371 376 (1969). Weller R. and B. M. Shepperd, Displacement Measurement by Mechanical Interferometry, Proc. Soc. Exp. Anal., (SESA), 6, 35 38 (1984). Winther S. and G. A. Slettemoen, An EPSI Contouring Technique in Strain Analysis, Proc. SPIE, 473, 44 47 (1983). Wyant J. C., 2006, Moire Patterns. MoirePatterns.htm. Yaroslavsky L., Digital Holography and Digital Image Processing: Principles, Methods, Algorithms, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, 2004. Yatagai T., M. Idesawa, Y. Yamaashi, and M. Suzuki, Interactive Fringe Analysis System: Applications to Moire Contourgram and Interferogram, Opt. Eng., 21, 901 906 (1982).
Some nanomaterials may have environmental e ects that require proper handling and disposing of the material. In e ect, this is no di erent than chemicals currently being used in the production of standard highly integrated chips. Recent toxicology studies appear to show that some adverse e ects of nanoparticles (buckyballs in particular) on aquatic animals may exist (could apparently cause brain damage in sh), but the issue needs further study according to most observers. The toxicity of the nanoparticles was not conclusive and, in fact, it was suggested that the clumping was a good sign, since it prevented the nanotubes from reaching deeper into the lungs [218]. Eva Oberdorster, the study s leader and an environmental toxicologist with Southern Methodist University, was quoted as saying I want to emphasize that the bene ts of nanotech are great, and we de nitely should not put the brakes on positive
In Step 7, you have created the JSP for the feedback form page. On this page, the JSP form tags are used to bind the Feedback command class to the JSP web form. The same tags will also handle displaying validation errors on the form page. You just completed what is probably one of the most important features of a web application: one that gathers data from the user. Spring MVC provides support for form submissions through the SimpleFormController, which populates a command class from the request by binding properties that are mapped by tags in the JSP. Validation is provided by the addition to the controller of a class with validation logic. The validation class must implement the methods provided by the Validator interface for it to be recognized by Spring MVC. Whenever validation errors occur, you can send the user back to the original form page and display messages related to the validation errors. After a form is successfully submitted, the user can be redirected to another page.
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