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13: Retrieving Data from MySQL with PHP
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Color pair 0 is always white on black. You can change the colors of the other pairs by calling init_pair(pair_number, foreground, background). Here background and foreground are color numbers. The function pair_content(pair_number) returns the pair s current colors as a tuple of the form (foreground,background). The constants COLOR_BLACK, COLOR_RED, COLOR_GREEN, COLOR_YELLOW, COLOR_BLUE, COLOR_MAGENTA, COLOR_CYAN and COLOR_WHITE are available to denote the corresponding color numbers. For example, the following code draws a simple German flag:
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Step 6: Ask Questions and Listen
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STEPS: Controlling Dimension Lines and Arrows
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4 Specifying Coordinates
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In This Part
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$filename .= .txt ; $filepath = PATH_TO_FILES . /$filename ;
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P1: KAO WY050-13 WY050-Ulick-v4 September 19, 2004 12:6
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ments for the laboratory testing of batches prior to release covering the requirements for sampling, testing, and approval. Furthermore, it states the requirements for the handling of rejected drug products. Regulation 211.166 states the requirements for stability testing, including the requirements for the determination of expiration dates and the requirements for stability testing of homeopathic drug products. Regulation 211.167 deals with special testing requirements covering sterile products, ophthalmic ointments, and controlled-release dosage forms. Regulation 211.170 states the requirements for reserve samples covering identi cation, quantity, retention time, and storage. Furthermore it covers the requirements for the deterioration investigations. Regulation 211.173 deals with laboratory animals covering the requirements for their maintenance and control. Regulation 211.176 states the requirements for the testing of penicillin contamination and the handling of penicillin contaminated drug product. Correspondences in Canadian GMP Code In the Canadian GMP code [12] issues related to laboratory controls are covered in the interpretations of regulations C.02.004 (Premises), C.02.009 (Raw Material Testing), C.02.011 (Manufacturing Control), C.02.014 (Quality Control Department), C.02.015 (Quality Control Department), C.02.016 (Packaging Material Testing), C.02.017 (Packaging Material Testing), C.02.018 (Finished Product Testing), C.02.025 (Samples), C.02.026 (Samples), C.02.027 (Stability), and C.02.028 (Stability). Correspondences to regulation 211.160 stating the general requirements for laboratory controls are covered in regulation C.02.009 and Sections 1 3 and 5 6 of its interpretation, regulation C.02.016 and Sections 1 3 of its interpretation, Section 1 of the interpretation of regulation C.02.017, regulation C.02.018 and Sections 1 5 of its interpretation, and Section 6.4 of the interpretation of regulation C.02.015. Correspondences to regulation 211.165 stating the requirements for the release for distribution including the testing of nished drug products and the handling of rejected drug products are covered in Sections 7 and 14 of the interpretation of regulation C.02.011, Sections 2 and 5 of the interpretation of regulation C.02.014, Section 3 of the interpretation of regulation C.02.015, and Section 2 of regulation C.02.018 and Sections 1 and 4 of its interpretation. Correspondences to regulation 211.166 stating the requirements for stability testing are covered in Section 1 of the interpretation of regulation C.02.027 and Sections 1 and 2 of the interpretation of regulation C.02.028. The Canadian GMP code does not cover separate requirements for the stability testing
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4 Advanced Data Types
public function insert() { $conn = parent::connect(); $sql = INSERT INTO . TBL_MEMBERS . ( username, password, firstName, lastName, joinDate, gender, favoriteGenre, emailAddress, otherInterests ) VALUES ( :username, password(:password), :firstName, :lastName, :joinDate, :gender, :favoriteGenre, :emailAddress, :otherInterests ) ; try {
Button 3: Snap Menu: The third button, if you have one, displays the Object Snap menu. You can change this to whatever you want. Button 4: Cancel: ^C^C, is equivalent to pressing Esc twice. Button 5: Toggle Snap: The macro, ^B, is equivalent to pressing Ctrl+B, which turns Snap on and off. Button 6: Toggle Ortho: ^O, is equivalent to pressing Ctrl+L, which turns Ortho on and off. (Once upon a time, before Windows, Ctrl+O toggled Ortho on and off.) Button 7: Toggle Grid: ^G, is equivalent to pressing Ctrl+G, which turns the grid on and off. Button 8: Toggle Coords: ^D, is equivalent to pressing Ctrl+D, which toggles the coordinate display mode. Button 9: Toggle Isoplane: ^E, is equivalent to pressing Ctrl+E, which switches to the next isometric plane. Button 10: Toggle Table: ^T, is equivalent to pressing Ctrl+T, which turns the tablet on and off. If you have a number of buttons on your pointing device, you can leave these macros as they are or change them to suit your needs.
QoS and QoE Management in UMTS Cellular Systems
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