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Component Case Motherboard CPU Hard disk Optical Graphics card TV card Memory Remote Sound card Item Chosen Silverstone LC14B Chaintech VNF4 Ultra Athlon 65 3500+ Seagate Barracuda SATA 300 GB NEC ND-3520A 16X Double Layer DVD+-RW Gigabyte Silentpipe 6600 256MB Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150 MCE Kingston HyperX DDR 400 512MB x 2 Logitech Harmony, MCE Remote Onboard Cost $150 $87 $240 $178 $60 $121 $65 $134 $153 $0
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If you move your cursor away from the text while you re in text edit mode, the move cursor appears. You can then drag the mask around the image window to position it without exiting text mode. When you commit the text (by pressing Ctrl+Enter or clicking the check-mark button on the Options bar), the overlay disappears and your selection outline appears, as shown in the bottom of Figure 15-23, just as when you switch from quick mask mode back to marching ants mode. After you create your first selection outline, you can Shift-click with the type tool to redisplay the overlay and create a second text mask, just as you Shift-click with standard selection outlines to add to an existing selection.
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The month function returns a multiline string that looks like a monthly calendar for month monthnum of year yearnum. Months are numbered normally (from 1 for January up to 12 for December). The parameter width specifies how wide each column is; the minimum (and default) value is 2. The parameter linesperweek specifies how many rows to print for each week. It defaults to 1; setting it to a higher number like 5 leaves space to write on a printed calendar. Here are two examples:
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for some [tn , tn+1 ]. Thus, the truncation error per step in the Euler method is de ned to be (10.44) en+1 = xn+1 xn+1 = 1 h2 x (2) ( ). 2
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Name your templates in a way that clearly differentiates them from regular drawings. You may want drawings set up for each of the standard paper sizes (A through E), with a title block in each. Useful names might be tb-a.dwt, tb-b.dwt (tb meaning title block), and so on.
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