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The script kicks off by calling the SimpleXML function simplexml_load_file() to load the root stockList element in the stock_list.xml file as a SimpleXMLElement object, $stockList. You ll notice that the script passes two additional arguments to simplexml_load_file(). The first, SimpleXMLElement , is the class name to use for the resulting object. This allows you to inherit the base SimpleXMLElement class to create your own custom element classes. However, in this case the script just passes in the default class name, SimpleXMLElement, to create a normal SimpleXMLElement object. This is purely so that the script can pass the third argument: the LIBXML_ NOCDATA constant. This constant ensures that the SimpleXML library reads the CDATA sections of the XML document and converts them to text nodes to make them easy to display with the following print_r() function call. Once the XML file is read into a SimpleXMLElement object, it s simply a case of using print_r() to dump the object s contents to the browser. To do this, the script also passes a second argument of true to print_r(); this ensures that print_r() returns a string rather than outputting directly to the browser. The script then uses htmlspecialchars() to ensure that the string is properly encoded as XHTML, and sends the resulting string to the browser. You can see from the output that the $stockList object contains an array called item that contains the two item child elements in the XML document. Each item element is itself stored as a
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and eliminating 8 from equations (3.24) and (3.25) (which is achieved by squaring equations (3.24) and (3.25), finding sin2 and cos2 and adding them together knowing that sin' cos2 = 1) yields
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Beam splitter Light source Collimator
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22 Viewing 3D Drawings
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Note To find the location of acad.pgp or aclt.pgp, choose Tools Options and click the Files tab. Double-click Support File Search Path to display the location of the support files.
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IJAtl12 (At1)2 + * . . + (AtK)2 = A2, =
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Section 3.1 described the sequence of ideas leading from the Fourier series to the Fourier transform, namely the integration interval is increased from one cycle of a repeating waveform to all time ( to + ) and increased the number of points in the Fourier series to give a continuous spectrum. If the continuous spectrum repeats itself each B Hz, then this is the inverse of the situation with the repeating waveform in Section 4.1. Inverting the spectrum using the Fourier series formula gives a series of equally spaced time samples of amplitude representing the values of the Fourier series as in Figure 4.9. The row of time pulses is a sampled time waveform as used in digital processors that use numbers for the amplitude taken at specific times. Signal processing takes place, often in batches, quasi-continuously and this leads to the concept of a sampling function existing over all time.
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The calculated results from (4.8) are shown in the gure for comparison. From this approximate equation, the frequency ratio of the dual-frequency operation can
CrossReference You can close an arc to create a circle using the JOIN command. For more information, see Joining objects in 10.
Floor 1 Fiber Optic Link Network Operations
Planning Your Site in the Site Designer
Note the use of the c:if tag. This tag is part of JSTL, not Spring. JSTL, or JSP Standard Tag Library, ships with any JSP 2.1 compliant application server and can be used to perform simple programmatic operations in a JSP page so you don t have to deal directly with Java code. (Refer to Wrox s Beginning JavaServer Pages, ISBN 978-0-7645-7485-6, to learn more about JSTL.) The following code shows how JSTL can be used to write the list of albums to the albums.jsp page. Also note how the spring: message tag is used to pass the album s creation date as an argument to the label.
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