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We noted in 2 that one is interested to determine how the electrons are arranged when bound to nuclei to form atoms and molecules. These arrangements ultimately determine the shape and properties of atoms and molecules, and in turn, the shape and properties of materials, including materials of interest in nanoscience. While empirical methods have evolved within the eld of chemistry, a more well-rooted theoretical model is desirable; this model is provided by quantum theory. From a scienti c point of view, there is no choice but to deal with quantum principles when operating at the atomic and/or nanoscale. Hence, a basic treatment of this topic is provided in this appendix. In our treatment, we alternate between general theory and speci c instances (applications) in order to develop a grounding for the discussion. From a nomenclature perspective, we use the term quantum theory to encompass all aspects of the discipline; however, in the material that follows, the term quantum mechanics could also be used almost interchangeably. For the casual reader the takeaway from this appendix should be a general appreciation of quantum theory principles. The general reader should not necessarily feel obligated to acquire an in-depth knowledge of this science, but, rather, just the general outline of the mechanics involved.
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Podcasting with a Weblog Self-Hosting a Weblog Using Commercial Weblog Services
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In the preceding section, the concept descent direction has been introducedbut the question in which direction the objective function decreases most has not been posed. The answer is of course of great importance for numerical optimization and will be dealt with in this section. From here on, f (t) will denote the objective function. Thus, in this book, f ( t )will, often but not always, be the log-likelihood function q(w;t) or the least squares criterion
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In the example above, this method signature serves as the name of the pointcut anyPublicDataAccessOperation. Notice that this method has a void return type. The @Pointcut annotation contains an expression to match join points. Let s look at some examples that reuse pointcuts to build up a more complex pointcut.
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Without using style sheets, the only way to mandate a specific point size is to create a GIF image of the text, and then place it as an image. However, three problems can occur with this practice. If users turn off images to browse faster, they ll never see your words, and users of items like a Palm hand-held won t see the images either. Additionally, speech and Braille readers will miss your message. You can combat these problems by using an alternate text tag (see 10) to reflect the message contained in the GIF. Another problem is speed. An image takes time to download. If your page is image heavy or has other things that need time to load, you risk losing the visitor.
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ARGUMENT node_set_to_convert number_to_convert
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Once the ImportManager is installed, you can add to its list of recognized suffixes for Python modules by calling its add_suffix(suffix, importFunc) method. When the import statement is used, the ImportManager searches through known module locations (for example, sys.path) for files that have the requested module name and an extension that matches one in ImportManager s internal suffix list. When found, it calls the importFunc to import that module. The code in Listing 35-1 puts the ImportManager to work by adding the new file suffix.pye, which for now will contain only normal Python source code (in a later example, it will contain encrypted bytecode). Basically, no functionality is added, except that you can now store Python code in .pye files.
Parameters perform like variables in many cases, but they are used mainly to pass arguments to templates. You use xsl:with-param with the xsl:apply-templates and xsl:call-template elements to pass the chosen argument. Inside the template, you have an xsl:parameter element that receives the parameter. The xsl:with-param element that is used to pass an argument into a template must have the same name as the corresponding xsl:parameter element inside the template. If the xsl:with-param doesn t match any xsl:parameter elements inside the target template, it would be simply ignored. For an xsl:parameter element, you can also provide a default value to use in case no xsl:with-param element is included in the call. In an earlier example, you highlighted the high-salary employees to demonstrate the conditional processing of XSLT. In that case, there were two entirely different templates that did essentially the same thing and differed only in color. The following
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