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14. On the right side of the Layer Translator dialog box, click Load. From the Files of Type drop-down list, choose Standards (*.dws). Choose ab26-e.dws, the same standards file that you used previously in this exercise, and click Open. 15. In the Translate From box, click CEN. Hold down the Ctrl key and click HAT. 16. In the Translate To box, click HID. 17. Click Map. This will map the layers CEN and HAT to the HID layer. 18. Click Translate to translate the mappings. 19. At the message asking whether you want to save mapping information, click No. All objects on the CEN and HAT layers are now on the HID layer. 20. Save your drawing.
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3D meshes are especially suitable for AutoLISP routines; in fact, AutoCAD supplies several. These are discussed in the next section. To smooth a polygon mesh, start the PEDIT command and select the polygon mesh. AutoCAD responds with the Enter an option [Edit vertex/Smooth surface/Desmooth/Mclose/ Nclose/Undo]: prompt. Table 23-1 explains how to use these options.
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8: Spring and JMS Message-Driven POJOs
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Although the concept of variable scope is extremely useful, occasionally you do actually want to create a variable that can be accessed anywhere in your script, whether inside or outside a function. Such a variable is called a global variable. PHP supports global variables, but if you re used to other programming languages you ll find PHP handles globals slightly differently. In PHP, all variables created outside a function are, in a sense, global in that they can be accessed by any other code in the script that s not inside a function. To use such a variable inside a function, write the word global followed by the variable name inside the function s code block. Here s an example:
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Since even a small optical frequency shift (as a fraction of the optical frequency) can result in a large difference frequency, this phase shifting method is very useful for situations where dynamic measurements are required. In these situations, the phase shift must occur faster than the changes that are being monitored. Two important applications are the measurement of turbulent ow and distance measuring interferometry. The two primary methods to produce a frequency shift are the Zeemansplit laser and Doppler shifts introduced by moving gratings. The application and use of this type of phase shift is discussed in Sections 14.14.3 and 14.16.1. The output frequency of a laser can be split into two orthogonally polarized output frequencies by the application of a DC magnetic eld (Burgwald and Kruger, 1970). The frequency separation of a Zeeman-split two-frequency laser is controlled by the magnetic eld, and the values of about 1.8 5 MHz are found for this effect in helium neon lasers. When a diffraction grating is translated through a beam of light, a Doppler shift is introduced in the diffracted beams (Suzuki and Hioki, 1967; Stevenson, 1970; Bryngdahl, 1976). The translation direction is perpendicular to the propagation direction (see Fig. 14.4). The frequency shift is proportional to the diffraction order m and the velocity v, and inversely proportional to the grating period d, or  mv=d 14:13
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Each of these options has its relative advantages in certain settings, but most folks will want to gravitate toward two other options. If you create most of your images for the Web, select the Web Graphics Defaults option. This directs Photoshop s color functions so that they re most amenable to screen display. On the other hand, if most of your artwork finds its way into print, and if you live in the United States or some country that supports U.S. printing standards, select U.S. Prepress Defaults. For my part, I select U.S. Prepress Defaults, as shown in Figure 16-5. If you have any doubts about whether to favor Web or print graphics, I recommend you do the same. Why Among its other attractions, the U.S. Prepress option sets the working RGB color space to Adobe RGB (1998), arguably the best environment for viewing 24-bit images on screen. Adobe RGB includes a wide range of theoretical RGB colors, whether they can truly be displayed on a monitor or not. You may see some clipping on screen where two or more color spaces appear as one but Photoshop has greater latitude when interpolating and calculating colors.
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Where inbound filtering is designed to control which traffic originating from the Internet can enter your PC, outbound filtering controls which traffic can leave your computer destined for the Internet. By default, most firewalls are configured to allow all traffic leaving your computer to access the Internet without restriction the basic assumption being that you made the request, and know what you re doing. The ability to access anything on the Internet may seem great at first glance, but the ability to filter outbound traffic is important for a number of reasons. You may actually want to restrict access to what users of your computer have access to online. For example, perhaps you want to allow all users to be able to surf the Web and send and receive e-mail messages but want to block them from using the computer to connect to file sharing services. If your firewall supports outbound filtering, you can control and restrict the types of traffic that leave your PC. Although the ability to control inbound traffic is imperative, implementing a firewall that includes outbound filtering capabilities has become particularly important from a system security perspective. This is particularly true at a time where an estimated 80 to 90 percent of all PCs are infected by viruses and/or spyware. If a virus infects your computer, it may try to use your PC and Internet connection to infect other systems. Similarly, many spyware programs are designed to collection information (such as files, personal details, and even credit card numbers) from your computer and then send it off to a server on the Internet. Unless you have a firewall installed that is capable of outbound filtering, these pests can use your Internet connection without restriction, silently connecting to the Internet without your knowledge. Firewalls that support outbound filtering implement the feature in a few key ways. Some work at the port level, allowing or denying traffic based on its type. For example, you could configure this type of firewall to disallow outbound FTP connections. Other firewalls function at a program or service level, allowing you to specify exactly which programs should be granted access to the Internet. With this type of firewall, you could allow a program such as Outlook Express to access the Internet, but deny a file-sharing program from connecting online. Ultimately, a firewall that supports both inbound and outbound filtering capabilities offers the best protection for your PC. As with any security feature, however, the capability of a firewall to protect your system is dependent upon it being configured correctly.
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