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Ideally, the steering vector points in the direction of the desired signal. Algorithms generally rely on the fact that anything diverging from this direction is interference and is supposed to be suppressed or cancelled. Clearly, an error in the pointing direction leads the algorithm to believe that the desired signal is interference. This has serious implications, as the desired signal is being attenuated where attenuation increases with increasing pointing error. Since steering vector errors are very common in antenna arrays, numerous counter-measurements have been devised. A simple but effective method is to broaden the beam and hence diminish the likelihood that the desired user falls outside the region where it is treated as interference.
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Figure A-48: The new Rotator filter complete with its four slider bars.
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Figure 29-20: The Products Design site set up to work with comfortably. (The Display tab of the View Controller and the selected settings are shown here, too.)
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hacker Someone who is smart about computers and likes breaking systems but doesn t necessarily do so for criminal purposes. Often referred to as a white hat, but loosely used as a generic term for cracker. hijacker Software that resets your browser s settings to point to unintended sites. Hijacks may reroute your information and address requests through an unseen site, capturing that information. A.k.a. homepage hijacker. hijacking A type of network security attack in which the attacker takes control of a communication between two entities and masquerades as one of them. In one type of hijacking (also known as a man-in-themiddle attack), the perpetrator takes control of an established connection while it is in progress. In another form of hijacking, browser hijacking, a user is taken to a different site than the one the user requested. In this case, a malware program alters your computer s browser settings so that you are redirected to websites that you had no intention of visiting. In another type of website hijack, the perpetrator simply registers a domain name similar enough to a legitimate one that users are likely to type it, either by mistaking the actual name or through a typo. honeypot A computer system on the Internet that is expressly set up to attract and trap people who attempt to penetrate other people s computer systems. barcode qr crystal report
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Figure 16.1 Linear relationship between surround parameters used for the computation of intermediate, continuously variable, surround settings in CIECAM02
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<bean id= affiliateSoapAuthenticationHandler class= com.wrox.beginspring.pix.webservice.SOAPClientAuthenticationHandler > <property name= debug > <value>false</value> </property> </bean> <bean id= affiliateWebServiceClient class= org.codehaus.xfire.spring.remoting.XFireClientFactoryBean lazy-init= true > <property name= serviceClass > <value>com.wrox.beginspring.pix.service.AffiliateManagementService</value> </property> <property name= wsdlDocumentUrl > <value>http://localhost:8080/pix/services/AffilateManagement wsdl</value> </property> <property name= outHandlers > <ref bean= affiliateSoapAuthenticationHandler /> </property> </bean>
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Security Tips and Tricks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 115
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Part I Listening to the Podcast Revolution
Examining a WSDL Document
The most common methods used to defend against worms are reactive (such as virus scanning and software patching). They provide no hope against fast-spreading and zero-day exploit worms. Proactive defense mechanisms are necessary to prevent damages from Internet worms:
What is the Ethernet standard broadcast MAC address
When you call listen, you pass in a number specifying the maximum number of incoming connections that will be placed in a wait queue. If more connections arrive when the queue is full, the remote side is informed that the connection was refused. The SOMAXCONN variable in the socket module indicates the maximum size the wait queue can be. The accept() method returns an address of the same form used by bind and connect, indicating the address of the remote socket. The following uses the v variable from the preceding example:
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The Fil in is your first clue that this file is used for concatenating PostScript files by filename, each of which you specify. When using this file, you must tell Distiller specifically which files (by exact name) will be distilled. To edit the file for entering user-supplied filenames, open the document in a text editor, as shown in Figure 5-36. If using the Macintosh, you can edit this file in Simple Text. In Windows, use Windows Notepad or WordPad.
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