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In 1942, Albright described three patients with short stature, obesity, rounded face, short neck and shortened metacarpals who had hypocalcaemia and hyperphosphataemia. A phenotypically similar syndrome is that of pseudohypoparathroidism with normal calcium metabolism. These conditions are caused by mutations, including imprinting defects, in the GNAS1 gene on chromosome 20. Only maternally inherited mutations lead to resistance to hormone action (Mantovani and Spada, 2006).
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command, Photoshop displays the immense Liquify image window shown in Figure 11-40, which tops even the Extract window (explored in 9) in terms of icons and options. You also can display the Liquify window by pressing Ctrl+Shift+X.
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Cubic close-packed (ccp) atomic structure This structure is comprised of atoms that reside on the corners of a cube, with additional atoms residing at the centers of each cube face [also called face-centered cubic (fcc)]. The symmetry is described by nomenclature as Fm-3m where F means face-centered, m signi es a mirror-plane (there are two) and -3 indicates that there is a three-fold symmetry axis (along the body diagonal) as well as inversion symmetry. Many metals have this fcc structure, for example, gold. Hexagonal close-packing (hcp) atomic structure This structure is comprised of layers with stacking (e.g., the structure of sodium at low temperatures). The formation dynamic between ccp and hcp is determined by longer-range forces between the atoms. Body-centered cubic (bcc) atomic structure This structure is comprised of a unit cube with atoms at the corners and center of the cube. The bcc structure is less closely packed than fcc or hcp. Often bcc is the high-temperature form of metals (these being close-packed at lower temperatures). For example, the structure of iron (Fe) can be either ccp or bcc depending on the temperature, while
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Selecting an Operating System at Boot Time
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Part II Creating PDF Documents
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Least Results
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You have already seen a lot of XSQL architecture through the install. In this chapter, you will refine your understanding and explore new parts that you didn t see in the earlier chapter. You ll start with an overview and then dive into the specifics of database access and presentation. From there, you ll explore the concept of actions. For this, you have a head start you used actions when accessing the database in the last chapter. Then, you ll look at action handlers, which allow you to create your own types of actions. The final concept you ll examine here is serializers.
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8 Viewing your Drawing
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Consequences of risks
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In fact, at room temperature the energy difference between the two spin states is very small and the low energy orientation is only marginally favoured over the high energy one (Figure 3.49). However, Equation (3.38) shows that E
Stractural materials Composites Multifunctional materials Self healing
Delete: Deletes the selected layout. A warning dialog box appears. Click OK to delete the layout. Rename: Opens the Rename Layout dialog box, where you can rename the layout. Click OK. Move or Copy: Opens the Move or Copy dialog box. To move a layout tab, you choose the layout tab that you want the selected tab to be to the left of. You can also choose to move it to the end. Click Create a copy to copy the selected tab. (You can then rename it.) Click OK after you re done. Select All Layouts: Selects all layouts. You can then delete them. Activate Previous Layout/Activate Model Tab: Moves you to the last layout tab that you had displayed or to the Model tab. Page Setup Manager: Opens the Page Setup Manager, which is discussed next. Plot: Opens the Plot dialog box, which is discussed later in this chapter.
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