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Part II PC Pieces and Parts
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Patorski, K. and L. Salbut, Reversed Path Ronchi Test, Optica Appl., 15, 261 (1984). Phillips F. W., Aspherizing and Other Problems in Making Maksutov Telescopes, Sky Telesc., 25, 110 (1963). Popov G. M., Methods of Calculation and Testing of Ritcliey-Chretien Systems, Izv. Krym. Astro z, Obs., 45, 188 (1972). Porter R. W., Notes on the Ronchi Band Patterns, in: Amateur Telescope Making, vol. 1, A. G. Ingalls, Ed., Scienti c American, New York 1953, p. 268. Rank D. H., P. R. Yoder Jr., and J. Vrabel, Sensitivity of a Rapid Test for High Speed Parabolic Mirrors, J. Opt. Soc. Am., 39, 36 38 (1949). Rayces J. L., Exact Relation Between Wave Aberration and Ray Abberation, Opt. Acta, 11, 85 88 (1964). Ricci E., Nuovi Criteri per la Misura dell Aberrazione Sferice di un Sistema Ottico; col. Metodo delle Frange d Ombra, Ottica, 4, 104 (1939). Ronchi V., Le Frange di Combinazioni Nello Studio delle Super cie e dei Sistemi Ottici, Riv. Ottica Mecc. Precis., 2, 9 (1923a). Ronchi V., Due Nuovi Metodi per lo Studio delle Super cie e dei Sistemi Ottici, Ann. Sc. Norm. Super Pisa., 15, (1923b). Ronchi V., Sopra la Caratteristiche dei Cannocchiali di Galileo e la Loro Autenticita, Rend. Accad. Naz. Lincei., 2, 162 (1923c). Ronchi V., Sopra i Cannocchiali di Galileo e Sopra una Lente di Evangelista Torricelli, L Universo, 4, 10 (1923d). Ronchi V., Sullo Studio dei Sistemi Ottici col Biprisma e Gli Specchi del, Ren. Accad. Naz. Lincei., 3, 314 (1924a). Ronchi V., Ancora sull Impiego dei Reticoli Nelo Studio dei Sistemi Ottici, Nuovo Cimento, 1, 209 (1924b). Ronchi V., La Prova dei Sistemi ottici, Zanichelli, Bologna, 1925. Ronchi V., Sur la Nature Interferentielle des Franges d Ombre dans I Essai des Sistemes Optiques, Rev. Opt., 5, 441 (1926a). Ronchi V., Uber die Schattenstreifen zum Studium der Lichtwellen, Zt. Instrumentenkd, 46, 553 (1926b). Ronchi V., Sul Comportamento e l lmpiengo delle Frange d Ombra Nella Prova dei Systemes Optiques, Nuovo Cimento, 4, 297 (1927). Ronchi V., Sul Comportamento e l lmpiengo delle Frange d Ombra nella Prova dei Systemes Optiques, Rev. Opt., 7, 49 (1928). Ronchi V., Le Frange d Ombra Nello Studio delle Aberrazioni Spheriche, Rend. Accad. Naz. Lincei., 11, 998 (1930). Ronchi V., Sulla Sensibilita delle Frange d Ombra all Aberrazione Sferica, Ottica, 5, 275 (1940). Ronchi V., Corso di Ottica Tecnica, 2nd ed. Associacione Ottica Italiana, Firenze, 1954. Ronchi V., An Elementary Introduction to the Use of the Grating Interferometer, Atti. Fond. Giorgio Ronchi Contrib. 1st. Naz. Ottica, 13, 368 403 (1958). Ronchi V., Forty Years of Gratings, Atti. Fond. Giorgio Ronchi Contrib. 1st. Naz. Ottica, 17, 93 143 (1962a). Ronchi V., Forty Years of Gratings, Atti. Fond. Giorgio Ronchi Contrib. 1st. Naz. Ottica, 17, 240 251 (1962b).
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Your first step is to click Next. There are really only a couple of choices that need to be made in the next few screens. The default choices should be adequate for creating a development system. The most important choice comes on the File Locations screen (Figure 2.3). Before choosing the location for the Oracle installation, you should make sure that you have enough space on the drive or file system. You should have at least 2 GB free. However, you don t have to plan to have enough space on the given drive or file system for all the data that could possibly be put into your database. As your database grows, you can easily add new data files on other drives or file systems. The other choice that you will need to make is the System Identifier (SID) of your default Oracle instance. The preferred SID is ORCL, and using this name means that the XSQL samples will work upon completion of the installation. If you name it something else, you will need to tweak some settings in the XSQLConfig.xml file before the samples will work. The other setting in this screen is the Global Database Name. This should be the full Domain Name Service (DNS) hostname of the machine where you are installing Oracle prefixed by the SID. This isn t the only instance that can be configured on this machine. You can configure as many instances as you would like. If you are experimenting with different configurations, you can keep your experiments largely separate by setting up different instances. The Summary screen is the last screen that appears before you click Install to start the installation (Figure 2.4). If you took all of the defaults, you should be able to scroll down to the end of the list and see XSQL Servlet as shown. If you choose to do a custom installation, you will need to scrutinize this screen carefully. Now the installation is ready to begin in earnest. Depending on your system, it will probably take at least a couple of hours to complete. Upon completion, you should be able start the Web server and access the samples at http://localhost/xsql/.
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public function getArea() { return pow( $this->_sideLength, 2 ); } } $myCircle = new Circle; $myCircle->setColor( red ); $myCircle->fill(); $myCircle->setRadius( 4 ); echo <h2>My Circle</h2> ; echo <p>My circle has a radius of . $myCircle->getRadius() . .</p> ; echo <p>It is . $myCircle->getColor() . and it is . ( $myCircle-> isFilled() filled : hollow ) . .</p> ; echo <p>The area of my circle is: . $myCircle->getArea() . .</p> ; $mySquare = new Square; $mySquare->setColor( green ); $mySquare->makeHollow(); $mySquare->setSideLength( 3 ); echo <h2>My Square</h2> ; echo <p>My square has a side length of . $mySquare->getSideLength() . .</p> ; echo <p>It is . $mySquare->getColor() . and it is . ( $mySquare-> isFilled() filled : hollow ) . .</p> ; echo <p>The area of my square is: . $mySquare->getArea() . .</p> ; > </body> </html>
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// Change the unit price of beetroot if ( $child = $beetroot->firstChild ) { do { if ( $child->tagName == unitPrice ) { $child->firstChild->replaceData( 0, 10, 0.79 ); break; } } while ( $child = $child->nextSibling ); }
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10 Working with Files and Directories
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Working with the TABSURF command
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Current guidelines do not provide speci c recommendations for treating hypertension in obesity. Thus, therapeutic decisions have to be made from the potential bene ts and risks of the available drugs, and the patient s own characteristics (Jordan et al., 2007). For example, -adrenoceptor blockers reduce cardiac output and renin activity, both of which have been shown to be increased in obese patients; when used alone or in combination with an -adrenoreceptor blocker, they decrease blood pressure more effectively in obese than in lean hypertensive individuals. However, -blockers induce weight gain and insulin resistance, which may limit their use especially in young obese hypertensive patients without cardiac and renal complications. Overall, it seems reasonable to follow evidencebased guidelines for managing hypertension in the general population (e.g. the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation and Treatment of High Blood Pressure (Anonymus, 2008)), and those formulated by the American Heart Association (AHA) and American Diabetes Association (ADA) for diabetic patients (Buse et al., 2007), who have a similar risk pro le.
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Load balancing All data paths from server to storage devices provide an active I/O path. Hot standby If a link from server to storage device fails, it is taken out of service and I/O is dynamically rerouted through the remaining path with no data loss. Under normal conditions, the standby path is not used for data I/O.
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Figure 10-22: A poorly drawn capacitor symbol. 3. Choose Modify Lengthen and follow the prompts:
$myString = world ; echo Hello, $myString!<br/> ; // Displays Hello, world! echo Hello, $myString!<br/> ; // Displays Hello, $myString! echo <pre>Hi\tthere!</pre> ; // Displays Hi there! echo <pre>Hi\tthere!</pre> ; // Displays Hi\tthere!
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