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When you import an image into Illustrator, FreeHand, CorelDraw, QuarkXPress, PageMaker, InDesign, or some other object-oriented program, the image comes in as a rectangle with opaque pixels. Even if the image appeared partially transparent in Photoshop on a layer, for example the pixels are filled with white or some other color in the receiving application. These same object-oriented applications, however, enable you to establish a clipping path to mask portions of an image that you want to appear transparent. Elements that lie inside the clipping path are opaque;
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17 Refining Your Web Pages with Style Sheets
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The Kohn Sham equations are distinquished from the HF equations by the treatment of the ``exchange'' term, which in principle incorporates electron electron correlation,
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In AutoCAD, you can use the acad.pgp file to create shortcuts to Windows programs. For example, you may often open Notepad while customizing files. The acad.pgp file includes the following three shortcuts to Windows programs:
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1, as shown in Figure 14-22. (Because Snap is on, this is easy. If necessary, press F6
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1500 Number of particles oversize (mL 1)
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4 Recent admission of China into the World Trade Organization (WTO) can also favor the processing industry as the import tariffs on advanced equipment are gradually reduced and export subsidies the industry operates under are removed.
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Ethernet Concepts
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In identifying watched folders, you need only have the directory or folder created on a hard disk. After you identify the watched folder, Distiller automatically creates the other folders needed to execute distillation from watched folder files. The In folder created by Distiller are monitored. When a PostScript file is copied or written to the In folder, the distillation commences according to the interval that you establish in the Watched Folder settings dialog box. Files can be dropped into the In folder, or you can print to PostScript from within an application directly to the In folder. Watched folders work well in cross-platform environments, too. To use a watched folder from one platform and have the distillation performed on another platform, you need to have the computers networked and have software installed that enables you to communicate between two or more computers on your network. To give you an idea of how easy cross-platform networking and remote distillation is, I walk you through the steps I used in my home office in the following exercise.
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With an N-subcarrier OFDM, the input-output relation for the ith subcarrier in this system can be expressed as y(i,k ) = C[hlaH(81)e-j~r,i]x(i, ~ ( k ) ,, i = 1,.. . , N k) i
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There are very few books you can take off the shelf to help you create an e-mail solicitation. Facing a dearth of information, the following list should help you with some of the basics of creating and sending out annual fund e-mail appeals: Subject line. Urgent, immediate, with a piece of the solicitation approach embedded: organization and goal. While the potential list of words that may cause unwanted scrutiny by spam filters is quite long, common examples that legitimate senders might also use include: free, available, chance, convenient, excellent, information, new, opportunity, simple, super, unique, and so on.
Figure 18-3: The Action Inspector, used to set up a head Action
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where t is time, n is the number of components in the series, i is the imaginary number (i2 = 1)1/2 and a, b, c and so on are coef cients describing the individual waves in the series. This mathematically expresses the fact that a discontinuous function can be dissected into individual sine/cosine
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