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} public void setComment(String comment) { this.comment = comment; } ... }
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are readily derived from symmetry considerations [58]. In ascending order, they are dxzY dyz eg , dxy b2g , n dz 2 a1g , and pz b1g . Movement of all four ligands symmetrically to one side of the plane yields the square pyramidal C4v structure. The highest two orbitals of the D4h structure, pz b1g and n dz 2 a1g , are substantially stabilized, the former by in-phase mixing of the ligand orbitals and the latter by relief of repulsion with the ligand orbitals. In ascending order, the ve valence orbitals of the C4v structure are dxy a2 , nxzY nyz e; nz 2 a1 , and npz a1 . Movement of the two opposite ligands of the D4h structure out of the xy plane yields the tetracoordinated C2v fragment. The b1g and a1g orbitals are again stabilized and one of the members of the eg set is destabilized. The position of the orbitals shown is that
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Part VI: Securing Your Home Network
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Appendix A: Exercise Solutions
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Physical exercise is an important component of daily energy expenditure and the one that can be easily manipulated (see s 3 and 7). Accordingly, exercise interventions are a crucial component of many weight-loss programmes. The goals are to improve overall health (especially metabolic and cardiovascular risk), encourage adherence to the weight-loss programme and help stabilize weight loss. Physical exercise is a complex intervention. Therapeutic bene t may depend on the duration of exercise as well as its intensity; furthermore, different forms of exercise, such as strength training, endurance training or a combination of both, may elicit different responses. At present, most weight-loss programmes lack clarity in prescribing exercise to an individual obese patient an issue that needs to be addressed.
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Planning in Intelligent Systems: Aspects, Motivations, and Methods, Edited by Wout van Wezel, Rene Jorna, and Alexander Meystel Copyright # 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Specify base point: Choose the Center object snap of either of the chair arcs. Specify rotation angle or [Copy/Reference]: Right-click and choose Reference from the shortcut menu. Specify the reference angle <0>: Use the Quadrant object snap to pick the back arc of the chair.
RIF (routing information) This eld assists in ensuring the Token Ring frame is sent in the correct direction. Data The payload! FCS (frame check sequence) This eld is a checksum algorithm that checksums the frame from the FC eld to the end of the Data eld. ED (end of frame delimiter) This eld lets the receiving node know when the frame ends. FS (frame status) This POP QUIZ eld is used by the originating node True or false: IPX is not supported on a to detect whether Token Ring network. there were any errors during transmission. This includes if the destination node copied the data, if there were any errors encountered, and even if the destination node recognized itself as the destination node.
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