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Creating and Editing Polylines
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Memory Organization and Structure
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Storage B
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Continuous improvement costing
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tm where the stochastic variable t , = 1 with probability cp and tm = 0 M with probability 1 - cp. Then, Etm = cp and, therefore, E u = E t m = Mp. Furthermore, vart, = Et& - (Etm)' = cp - cp2 = cp(1 - cp). Since the t m are independent, var u = M var t m = Mp(1 - cp). See Appendix A.
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Sometimes the data you are backing up will be bigger than the available media. In this case, tar aborts with an error message unless your invocation of the command includes the -M option. In this case, you would be prompted to insert a new CD-R or other storage medium. This applies to both creating and appending or updating archives. In operations on a multivolume archive that do not require writing to it, such as listing contents or extracting files, the -M option is not needed. This is one way you could back up your entire system to a SCSI tape drive:
The distance L from the waist of the caustic to the paraxial focus is obtained with the condition     dW dW d S S Smax d S S s 18:31
Partially locked layer
Two of these methods, getActionElementContent() and getAttributeAllowingParam(), interpolate the parameter values for you. This is valuable functionality to have. You ll work with these in greater detail later in the chapter, when parameters are covered in detail. The methods described in Table 18.3 help you manipulate XML. The first, addResultElement(), is used in an earlier example. The appendCopyOfSecondaryDocument() and appendSecondaryDocument() methods make it very easy to work with any method that returns XML documents. Table 18.4 describes two methods that make it easy to retrieve just a couple values from the result set of a SQL statement. These are useful if the query returns only one row and you are looking for only a couple pieces of information.
Figure 17-16: The Text Properties tab in the CSS Selector Inspector
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