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In the beginning was a theory of database that held that all data should be held in a common source. It was easy to see how this notion came about. Prior to database, there were master files. These master files resided on sequential media and were built for every application that came along. There was absolutely no integration among master files. Thus, the idea of integrating data into a single source a database held great appeal. It was into this mindset that data warehouse was born. Data warehousing was an intellectual threat to those who subscribed to conventional database theory because data warehousing suggested that there ought to be different kinds of databases. And the thought that there should be different kinds of databases was not accepted by the database theoreticians. Today, data warehousing has achieved the status of conventional wisdom. For a variety of reasons, data warehousing is just what you do. Recently a survey showed that corporate spending on data warehouse and business intelligence surpassed spending on transactional processing and OLTP, something unthinkable a few years back. The day of data warehouse maturity has arrived. It is appropriate, then, that the Fourth Edition of the book that began the data warehousing phenomenon has been written. In addition to the time-honored concepts of data warehousing, this edition contains the data warehouse basics. But it also contains many topics current to today s information infrastructure.
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>>> os.sysconf( SC_PAGESIZE ) 8192
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Expression (3.67) shows that the Fisher score vector of the multinomial observations w = (w1 . . . wN-l)T for the parameters 0 is described by
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22 Viewing 3D Drawings
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Drag the Design Group icon from the Object palette s Site tab into place in the design view. Then drag the desired pages into the group boundary. By default, the boundary resizes automatically to accommodate your pages. (You can turn this option off by selecting the group and unchecking Auto Resize in the Group Inspector. In that case, you need to drag one of the group s four handles and expand it in order to add more pages to the group.) If any pages interfere with the range of the rectangular area, they are moved outside of the bounding area.
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After accepting the code, the next screen in the process has you identify which type of network you are using for the installation wired or wireless as shown in Figure 8-7. Select which type of network you are using, and the system looks for the Extender on the network. Once the device has been recognized by the network and the installation wizard has identi ed it, you need to enter a Product Activation Key number. This number should be located on your installation CD or your product manual. Enter the key, which is a combination of letters and numbers, to activate the Extender as shown in Figure 8-8. At this time, your TV screen changes from the initial setup screen to indicate that it is searching for a connection with Media Center. This is normal and as you go through the setup process the TV screen responds to actions being taken on the PC during setup. You will not need to interact with the TV screens but it is good to note if any error messages are displayed that may indicate an installation error.
Part V Advanced Python Programming
Public Health Impacts
displaced along the axis of the beam, in contrast to the case of a Savart polariscope or of a Wollaston prism, where the displacement is normal to the direction of the incident beam. Various types of compound lenses suitable for speci c applications have been designed. 3.4. LATERAL SHEARING INTERFEROMETERS 3.4.1. Use of a Savart Polariscope Lateral shearing interferometers using birefringent beam splitters have been widely used to study the aberrations of an optical system. We describe here an arrangement by Francon and Jordery (1953) in which a Savart polariscope is used to produce a lateral shear of the aberrated wavefront (Fig. 3.12). The lens L (or the mirror) under
In places where the Windows API would use a struct, win32all often uses a dictionary. The dictionary s keys are the names of the struct s data members; its values are the corresponding values. For example, the Windows API NetUserGetInfo can return information about a user in the form of a struct:
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