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To edit a field, double-click the field s text to open the In-Place Text Editor. Select the text, right-click, and choose Edit field. The Field dialog box opens. You edit a field in the same way that you define the field originally. When you re done, click OK. The field is reevaluated immediately. Close the In-Place Text Editor to place the edited field. By default, a field is evaluated and updated, if necessary, whenever you open, save, plot, eTransmit, or regenerate a drawing. (See 28 for information on eTransmitting a drawing.) You can change when AutoCAD updates a field by choosing Tools Options and clicking the User Preferences tab. In the Fields section, click Field Update Settings. Check or uncheck the items that you want, and then click Apply & Close. Click OK to close the Options dialog box. You can manually update a field if you want. For example, you may have an object field that displays the radius of a circle. If you resize the circle, you probably want to update the field. To update a field, double-click the field to open the In-Place Text Editor. Select the text, rightclick, and choose Update Field. Close the In-Place Text Editor to return to your drawing. Another method is to select the field and choose Tools Update Fields. You can select as many fields as you want.
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29 Customizing Commands, Toolbars, and Tool Palettes
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Both filters can affect elliptical regions only. If a selection outline is not elliptical, Photoshop applies the filter to the largest ellipse that fits inside the selection. As a result, the filter may leave behind a noticeable elliptical boundary between the affected and unaffected portions of the selection. To avoid this effect, select the region you want to edit with the elliptical marquee tool and then feather the selection before filtering it. This softens the effect of the filter and provides a more gradual transition (even more so than Pinch already affords). One of the more remarkable properties of the Pinch filter is that it lets you turn any image into a conical gradation. Figure 11-15 illustrates how the process works. First, blur the image to eliminate any harsh edges between color transitions. Then apply the Pinch filter at full strength (100 percent). Reapply the filter several more times. Each time you press Ctrl+F, the center portion of the image recedes farther and farther into the distance, as shown in Figure 11-15. After 10 repetitions, the face in the example all but disappeared.
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patterns at the resonant frequencies of the two excited modes show similar radiation characteristics to those observed in Figure 7.34. With a Pair of Double-Bend Slots By using a pair of double-bend slots, similar broadband operation as shown in Section can be obtained [22]. The antenna geometry is shown in Figure 7.36. The straight sections of the double-bend slots are placed close to the nonradiating edges at a distance of 1 mm. One end of the double-bend slots has a bend angle of 15 ; this bent section has a length of 16.9 mm and is a small distance (1 mm) from the radiating edge. The other end has a bend angle of 75 ; this bent section is 1.0 and 0.7 mm from the patch centerline (x axis) and the radiating edge, respectively. With the double-bend slots of speci c bend angles 15 and 75 proposed here, the rst two resonant modes TM10 and TM 0 can be excited
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10 15 Hz and the temperature T = 53000 K.
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QoS in 3GPP Releases 97/98, 99, 5, 6 and 7
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posed by the exposure to the amount of DEHP released from PVC bags used to store and administer drugs that require a pharmaceutical vehicle for solubilization. The dose of DEHP received by adult patients receiving TPN is estimated to be less than the tolerable intake (TI),3 suggesting that there is little need for concern about DEHP-mediated effects in these patients. The dose of DEHP received by neonates undergoing TPN is uncertain. Depending on the data used to derive the TI/dose ratio, neonates may be at an increased risk of DEHP-mediated adverse effects. In fact, studies have shown that, depending on the constituents in the formulation, the extractable DEHP can be much higher than the expected. Our knowledge of the nature of the polymer and its additives, as well as of standard migration, is not great enough to predict container formulation interactions. Migration is a unique phenomenon, and predictions based only on the structure and physical or chemical properties may not be effective for solving interaction problems. Table 26 shows the level of DEHP found in different kinds of parenteral formulations stored in PVC bags. It is clear that the amount of DEHP leached into the formulation depends on the nature of its constituents. While in saline solutions the amount did not exceed
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With the Spring AOP-based transaction support, you have transaction-enabled the domain layer using Spring transaction annotations.
Setting up Definition Lists
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