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We sincerely hope the final result of reading this book is the construction of a fair number of HTPCs. If you build one, we think you ll find (as we have) that a nice, quiet HTPC makes a great addition to (and replacement for) numerous components in a typical home entertainment center. If you plan a good machine, and buy quality components, there s no reason why the ultimate Home Theater PC can t find a home in your entertainment center. Enjoy!
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It allows estimation of both the binding constant (K B ) KB = [PL] [P][L] (8.15)
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Securing Shared Folders and Printers
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The evaluation component of a QMS is intended to provide objective information and data that allow the organization to assess the conformity of the product, evaluate the performance of its quality system, and maintain and improve its effectiveness [10]. The cGMP regulations similarly require evaluation activities as shown in Table 4.
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VistA Multimedia Object Database Schema
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colorsys contains functions for converting from RGB to any of the other systems,
The Symbols and Arrows tab organizes your settings related to arrowheads and certain dimension-related symbols, as shown in Figure 15-7. For example, you can define center marks and arc length symbols on this tab.
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The Home Folder and Computer menu items are the same as the user s Home and Computer icons on the desktop. If you don t like having icons on your desktop, you can still have quick access to those locations by clicking on the corresponding menu items. The Desktop item corresponds to the Desktop folder that resides in your home directory. The Connect to Server menu item opens a dialog (shown in Figure 9-8) that allows you to connect to a number of different types of servers (FTP, SSH, WebDAV, or user defined).
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