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2 Viewing and Searching PDF Files
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FIGURE 3-5: The rear of the empty x15e case shows openings for PSU, a fan, the mobo port block, and seven expansion slots.
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Background processor, in VistA system, 690 Background removal, 81 83, 91, 178, 318, 365, 366 367 in digital envelope method, 526 in digital mammography, 321 in digital radiography, 82 83 Back pain MISS and, 736 737 in MISS post-op stage, 766 in MISS pre-op surgical planning, 756, 757 Back-projection algorithm, 111 Back-projector, 121 Backup in breast imaging Data Grid, 672 with three-core Data Grid, 667 668 Backup archives, 330, 927. See also Application Service Provider backup archive CA image servers in, 495 496 data migration to Data Grid from, 668 670 fault-tolerant Data Grid for, 661, 662 with Globus Toolkit, 656 in Saint John s Healthcare Center PACS, 605 608 in UCLA PACS, 611 612 using Application Service Provider model, 343 Backup archive server, 343 347 Backup archive systems, for no loss of image data, 479 Backup databases, no loss of image data and, 480 Backup PACS exams, 344 345 Backup schema, MISS system tandem ePR server and, 753 Backup storage, for no loss of image data, 478 479 Backup tandem design, for no loss of image data, 479, 482 Baltimore VA Medical Center (VAMC), clinical experience with PACS at, 599 604 Basic PACS training, in PACS training at Hong Kong PolyU, 910, 912 Basic Patient Privacy Consents (BPPC), 291 Bauman, Roger A., 5, 9 Bene ts, of Baltimore VA Medical Center PACS, 600 601, 604 Binary images, in lossless digital signature embedding, 543 544 Bioinformatics, 631 Biomedical engineering, PhD PACS training in, 920 Biomedical Informatics (BMI), 631 Biometrics veri cation system, for location tracking and veri cation system, 865 866, 867, 868 Bismuth germanate (BGO), 129 Bispectral index system (BIS), MISS intra-op stage and, 761 762 Bit allocation table, 187 188, 190, 191 Bit stream, in data embedding, 529 Black-and-white contrast, 103 Block-compressed image le, 188 Block compression technique, 184, 187 Block diagram, 203
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The basic SELECT clause includes the Books table s Title and MSRP elds. It also concatenates the Authors table s FirstName and LastName elds with a space in between. The FROM clause selects an inner join using the Authors and Books tables. This query uses the tables AuthorId elds to match corresponding records. The WHERE clause adds a further condition on the selected records, requiring that the MSRP value be less than 10. The ORDER BY clause sorts the results by MSRP. The default order for ORDER BY clauses is ascending so the statement doesn t need to explicitly include the ASC keyword. The following code shows the complete query.
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$arrayStructure = print_r( $array, true ); echo $arrayStructure; // Displays the contents of $array
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Significant hazard
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Example 36 T h e IEEE 802.16e OFDMA mode supports mixed t r a f i c channel configurations with different zones in a frame. As depicted in Figure 6.12 each t i m e f r a m e i s partitioned i n t o several subframes, with the first t w o being t h e mandatory preamble and the DL- and UL-mapping subframes. T h e following subframes can be dynamically configuredJ allowing zone switching between diversity subchannels (e.g., PUSC, FUSC) and coherent subchannels (e.g., AMC). T h e ratio between diversity subframes and coherent subframes is determined by the application, and primarily the distribution of users mobility.
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FIGURE 1.14 Geometry of a probe-fed compact microstrip antenna with four bent slots for generating 45 slanted dual linear polarizations.
The back view, another elevation view, shows your model from the back, as shown in Figure 22-8. Here you see the text of the front of the house, shown backward. The VPOINT equivalent is 0,1,0.
Avoiding the Hook: Consumer Education
The drawing that you need for the following exercise on creating and inserting dynamic blocks, ab18-f.dwg, is in the Drawings folder on the CD-ROM.
6 Filling and Stroking
Sun Angle Calculator
The smaller the grid size and the farther out you zoom, the denser the grid and the longer it takes to display. At a certain point, you get a message, Grid too dense to display. Some users find the grid annoying, but when you first start to use AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT, you may find it helpful. Even accomplished users can take advantage of the grid, especially when starting a new drawing.
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