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Various form fields and validation rules are then added to the form. The fields include the sender s first name, last name, and email address, along with the message subject and message body. The validation rules ensure that only valid characters are input for the firstName, lastName, emailAddress, and subject fields. This validation is very important when creating form-to-email scripts, because it makes it much harder for spammers to use your contact form to send arbitrary emails. The validation rule for the subject form field is very strict in this example. In a real-world situation you might want to allow additional characters, such as (question mark) and ! (exclamation mark). However, it is very important that you never allow carriage return (\r) or line feed (\n) characters in fields such as the sender s email address and message subject, because this would allow spammers to insert additional headers (such as extra recipients) into the email message. Next, the script determines if the form was submitted and valid. If so, it is processed by calling a
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This chapter described some common mistakes that people make while designing databases. I admit some of these ideas seem a bit wishy-washy for a book about a computer-related subject, but they re pretty important. If you don t pay attention to the ideas described in this chapter, you may end up rediscovering the importance of proper planning, documentation, and testing by painful experience. Some of these lessons I ve learned the hard way, some by studying others mistakes, and some through research. Take my word for it when I say it s a lot easier (and sometimes humorous) to learn about these issues here instead of through rsthand experience. In this chapter, you learned the importance of: Advanced preparation through thorough requirements gathering. Good design practices such as using naming conventions and making a design before building the database. Anticipating changes and increased database load. Using the database s tools to ensure that values are within their allowed domains. Avoiding arti cial keys if they are unnecessary and making natural keys even if they cannot be a primary key.
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Before I can begin to explain tools and viewing PDF files, you need to understand some terms used as identifiers in the Reader and Acrobat application window. Pulling off a Toolbar from the Command bar will be difficult for you if you don t know what the Command bar is. Therefore, I want to be certain that you understand the terms as I supply them in this chapter and throughout the remaining chapters. Figure 2-1 shows a document opened in Acrobat Reader.
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The PC BIOS stores low-level system configuration data, such as the date and time or the system boot order, in CMOS memory.
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9984357, EIA 0103674, EIA 0120934, ANI 0335244, CNS 0709329, CNS 0305495, CNS 0426354, and IIS 0430826, and by the Department of Energy via the Grant No. DE-FG02-06ER54857.
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A mine site in the mountains required additional water. This was to be generated by desalination of seawater near the coast; it would then be pumped to the mine. The water was suitable for industrial purposes, but not for domestic consumption nor agricultural use.
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Creating a Modularized Application
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Images acquired from various imaging devices in the gateway computers are converted into DICOM data format if they are not already in DICOM. DICOM images are then transmitted to the archive server via the Ethernet or WAN by using clientserver applications over standard TCP/IP transmissions. The archive server can accept concurrent connections for receiving images from multiple acquisition computers. DICOM commands can take care of the send and receive processes. 11.2.2 Image Stacking
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eld. Since an optical near eld is free from the di raction of light due to its size-dependent localization and size-dependent resonance features, nanophotonics enables the fabrication, operation, and integration of nanoscale devices. Atom-photonics manipulates atoms by using an optical near eld, which enables the fabrication of novel matter on the atomic scale [250]. Nanoprobe Nanoscale machines used to image, manimulate, and treat biological functions (typically in a living body). Nanoreplicators Set of nanomachines capable of self-replication. Nanorods Multiwall carbon nanotubes. Nanoropes Nanotubes connected and strung together. Nanosensors Nanoscale-size sensors. Nanosources Sources that emit light from nanoscale components. Nanostructure Particle of nanometer size. It includes items such as clusters, big molecules, nanocrystals embedded in a matrix, etc. In the speci c case of layered materials, nanometerscale structures are topologically closed and hollow, forming tubular or spherical morphologies. It is especially the case for carbon, which presents a remarkable diversity of structures on the nanometer scale. At the nanoscale structures are typically formed of concentric hexagonal layers, folded as tubes or as spheres [660]. Nanotechnology Creation and utilization of materials, devices, and systems through the control of matter on the nanometer-length scale, i.e., at the level of atoms, molecules, and supramolecular structures [37]. Nanoterrorism Use of nanotechnology products to carry out terrorist acts. Nanotube A 1D fullerene (a convex cage of atoms with only hexagonal and/or pentagonal faces) with a cylindrical shape. Sheets of graphite rolled up to make a tube. More generally, any tube with nanoscale dimensions, e.g., a boron-nitride-based tube. Nanotweezers Chip-scale devices for the optical sorting of submicron particles. Nanowires Electrical conductors that function like wires but are at the nanoscale; can be used to manufacture faster computer chips, higher-density memory, and smaller lasers. Wires have been manufactured in the 40- to 80-nm diameter range. Near eld An interaction eld existing spontaneously or induced arti cially in immediate proximity to the surface of materials or at the interface of two materials. A surface limiting a solid body locally modi es the physical properties of many materials (dielectric, metal, or semiconductor). The concept is not restricted to speci c areas in physics but actually covers numerous domains of contemporary physics (electronics, photonics, interatomic forces, phononics, etc.) Addresses phenomena involving evanescent elds (electronic density surface wave, evanescent light, local electrostatic and magnetic elds, etc.) or localized interatomic or molecular interactions [375]. Do not confuse with local elds or local- eld theory. Near- eld optical spectroscopy (NFOS) Tool to study semiconductor nanostructures such as single quantum dots or nanocrystals and molecular nanoobjects. Also allows optical and/or electrical manipulations on the latter. Near- eld scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) Tool for imaging at the nanoscale level capable of recording simultaneously the topography and optical response of a surface. NSOM allows spatial resolution with more than an order of magnitude improvement over the best conventional optical methods, including laser scanning confocal microscopy. Although optical characterization is the most widespread method to analyze materials
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In the second case, the rest of the equation, including the nonlinear function of the voltage, is evaluated in the previous point k 1. In both cases, if an initial value is known for the problem, that is, if the value v0 = v(t0 ) is known, then the problem can be solved iteratively, time instant after time instant, starting from the initial time instant t0 at k = 0. In the case of our example, the initial value is the voltage at which the capacitance is initially charged. The two cases of eq. (1.18) and eq. (1.19) differ in complexity and accuracy. In the case of eq. (1.19), the unknown voltage vk at the current point k appears only in the nite-difference incremental ratio; the equation can be therefore easily inverted, yielding vk = vk 1 g vk 1 (tk tk 1 ) imax tgh C imax + is,k 1 k = 1, 2, . . . (1.20)
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CAD SR Server (Web-Server)
Obese patients commonly display features of diastolic dysfunction (Iacobellis, 2004; Iacobellis et al., 2002; Iacobellis et al., 2004a) (see Table 12.3). Diastolic dysfunction affects both morbid and uncomplicated obesity and is characterized either by early impairment of LV relaxation or increased myocardial stiffness (Figure 12.7). The most common echocardiographic ndings of diastolic dysfunction in obese subjects are a decreased early-to-late velocity ratio (E/A ratio), increased left atrial volume, prolongation of isovolumic relaxation time (IVRT) and abnormal TDI diastolic performance (Iacobellis, 2004; Iacobellis et al., 2002; Iacobellis et al., 2004a; Arias, Alonso-Fernandez, Garcia-Rio, 2006; Grandi, Zanzi and Fachinetti, 1999; Sasson et al., 1996; Mureddu et al., 1996). The delayed diastolic lling and prolonged LV relaxation may induce more forceful atrial contraction and progressive enlargement of the left atrium (Iacobellis, 2004; Iacobellis et al., 2002; Iacobellis et al., 2004a). Abnormal LV relaxation occurs in both complicated and uncomplicated obesity, suggesting that diastolic function is impaired independently of the severity of obesity and the presence of comorbidities. It is still unclear whether this is an adaptive or pathological response. In uncomplicated obesity, diastolic dysfunction could be caused by the combined effect of haemodynamic and metabolic factors (Iacobellis, 2004), although these remain elusive. In complicated obesity, LV diastolic impairment may be related to insulin resistance and/or hyperinsulinaemia (Mureddu, Greco and Rosato, 1998), or to fasting hyperglycaemia (Jain, Avendano and Dharamsey, 1996). It has been suggested that
Figure C-1: Holli Boyd s electronic postcard (at postcards/cards.html) a form that collects information, generates a Web page, and then generates and sends an e-mail to inform the recipient
If this were not the case then a gap could develop between the ions which would stop the current being carried altogether. The relationship described in Equation 5.12 results in a zone sharpening effect. Ions which diffuse into a zone with higher mobility will be slowed because of the weaker electrical eld. Conversely, ions diffusing into a zone of
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