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} function validatePrice(callingElement,product_name) { var validChars= 0123456789. ; valid= yes ; for (var i=0;i<callingElement.value.length;i++) { if (validChars.indexOf(callingElement.value.substring(i,i+1))==1) { valid= no ; break; } } var decimalPos=callingElement.value.indexOf( . ); if (decimalPos!=-1 && decimalPos!=callingElement.value.length-3) { valid= no ; } if (valid== no ) { alert( The price for +product_name+ is invalid.\n Valid examples: 33.33, 20 ); callingElement.value=callingElement.form.original_price.value; return false; } else { return true; } } function submitForm(theForm) { if (validatePrice(theForm.new_price,theForm.product_name.value)) { lockUI= yes ; return true; } else { return false; } } --> ]]> </SCRIPT>
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The value returned from crc32 is more reliable than that returned from adler32, but it also requires much more computation. (More reliable means that the function is less likely to return the same checksum if the data changes at all.) Don t forget to dazzle your friends by informing them that Mark Adler wrote the decompression portion of zlib.
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Reasons for Data Center Consolidation
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For a number of years, I have used WS_FTP Professional. It can be found at www.ipswitch. com/Products/WS_FTP/ for $49.95. (Many of the FTP programs that you will find on the resource list are free.) In Figure 5-6 you can see what the application looks like when logged into a web server.
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Move: Drag inside the marquee to move the image. This is useful when you re trying to align the selection or layer with a background image and you want to make sure the transformations match up properly.
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An extended form of the print statement lets you redirect output to a file instead of standard output:
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One person rarely has complete control over a drawing. You may xref in other drawings, or others may xref in your drawings. Several people may work on one drawing. You may send a drawing to a client who may work on it as well. More and more, working on a drawing is becoming a collaborative effort and it can get out of control. One way to maintain control is to set standards for drawings, and to issue those standards so that everyone involved has access to them. If you don t have agreed-upon standards, you not only waste time changing layers, text styles, and so on, but your drawings become very complicated. You should set standards for the following: Drawing names and property summaries Blocks, including names, layers, and insertion points Layers, including uses, names, colors, linetypes, and lineweights Text styles, including uses, names, and properties Table styles Dimension styles and tolerances, if any Multiline styles Units settings Layouts In some cases, your standards are set by outside conventions. For example, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Construction Standards Institute (CSI) publish layering standards for members.
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STEPS: Using ZOOM Options read barcode image using code39
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A possible structure of the equivalent network of the package
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This function returns a copy of the given array, sorted along the given axis:
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(continued overleaf )
13 Creating and Laying Out Tables
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Antenna Gain (dBi)
Parabolic Dolph-Chebyshev Rectangular Triangular Cos2 Cos2 Parabolic Cosine on pedestal Parabolic Gaussian
Set the shadow softness from 1 to 10 pixels. This determines the number of pixels at the edge of the shadow that are blended into the rest of the image, thus creating the soft effect. AutoCAD recommends using a setting from 2 to 4. Choose Shadow Bounding Objects to temporarily return to the drawing to select objects for creating a bounding box that AutoCAD uses to clip the shadow maps.
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