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Dovecot is included with the Fedora Core distribution; so, before you do anything else, check to see if it s already installed. Run the command
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PACS Server & Archive
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You can create a DWF file from a Microsoft Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, or any other Windows application using the DWF Writer. You can download the DWF Writer for free from The DWF Writer works as a printer driver. For example, in Microsoft Word, choose File Print and choose Autodesk DWF Writer from the Printer Name drop-down list. Then click OK to create a DWF file from your current document. You can view this document in the DWF Viewer, as I explain in the section Viewing DWF drawings later in this chapter.
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2 Inside Photoshop
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For nearly two decades, Todd Baker has helped some of the top charities in North America, assisting them in the development of Mission-Driven Marketing strategies. Baker is the author of the free e-book, Nonprofit Websites, the first of its kind, which has been downloaded by tens of thousands of charities in more than 50 countries. Baker recently published Champions of Philanthropy. He writes the Baker s Dozen for The Nonprofit Times, a series of fundraising articles. Baker spent more than 13 years with World Vision. You can e-mail Todd at
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9 Editing Your Drawing with Basic Tools
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3. Close AutoCAD. 4. In Explorer, find the new acad2007.cfg file that AutoCAD created. Change its name, using something meaningful, such as LargeDigitizer.cfg. 5. If you want to keep the original acad2007.cfg file, change its name back to acad2007.cfg. You now have two configuration files. (You can create more if you want.) To use them, you can change the command-line switch as needed, but there s an easier way, as explained in the next section.
animal models, for example, for in vivo evaluation of the growth of tumors and the effectiveness of drug treatment to the tumors. With the micro scanners the animal does not have to be sacri ced for validation after each stage of treatment as in the traditional method; the animal can be kept alive under observation during the complete treatment cycle. CT, MRI, and PET are used mainly for examination of the human; their design is not for small animal studies. One recent advance in CT, MRI, and PET is in the
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it can t be accelerated further Each method creates a new Car class, performs the appropriate action (such as accelerating the car), and tests the outcome. The testing is done by calling PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase:: assertEquals(), which checks that two values match (if they don t, the test fails). Other commonly used assertion methods include:
In OOP terminology, the characteristics of a class or object are known as its properties. Properties are much like regular variables, in that they have a name and a value (which can be of any type). Some properties allow their value to be changed and others do not. For example, the Car class might have properties such as color and weight. Although the color of the car can be changed by giving it a new paint job, the weight of the car (without cargo or passengers) is a fixed value.
5. The prompt to specify the next point returns. Move the mouse so that your cursor is away from the first point that you picked and pick another point. You now see the same prompt repeated. 6. This time, you want to change the width. To specify the width this time, type w . Follow the prompts:
value; 1507 J/mol [5].
(Liu, 2000). Furthermore, each social construct starts and nishes by an actor having an adequate authority for this. Each social construct may presuppose other social constructs; for instance, to establish a marriage there must be a law or regulation saying how to establish this and what behavior rules are attached to marriage. According to the language action school, there is a more or less standardized process (scenario) for establishing a social construct between two actors. So we arrive at the following architecture of social constructs. A main social construct ( social affordance ) is the root, to which are attached (1) norms, (2) the authority under which it starts, (3) the time of start, (4) the authority under which it nishes, (5) the time of nish, (6) prerequisite social constructs from which norms can be inherited and that de ne the authorities (2) and (4), (7) the authority that is created and allocated as part of the social construct, and (8) a scenario for establishing the social construct (see Figure 5.6). Important types of social constructs are models and plans, contracts, organizations, and behavior rule systems. Models and plans are social constructs that contain action programs to the implementation of which individuals or groups can be committed. These social constructs help to determine the actions to be taken. Roles and tasks can be seen as belonging to this type of social construct. Contracts are social constructs that form a relation between two actors. The actors create obligations and a certain dependency between themselves. An organization can be seen as a shared idea that a speci c organization exists, to which a work organization, a formal organization, and an organization culture are attached. Behavior rule systems or institutions are social constructs consisting of behavior rules and norms that are shared in an organization, community, or social system. An important part of these rule systems is the description of punishments in case of misbehavior. In these behavior rule systems, the responsibility, authority, and power relations between actors can be described. Sometimes these behavior rule systems are established and modi ed by authoritative rituals, or take an authoritative form as formal laws or regulations. Behavior rule systems express general values and norms for example, Kant s categorical imperative and Asimov s laws (Gazendam, 1997). Kant s categorical imperative reads in
organisation. Often information flows according t o status: from the top to the bottom Of the organisation along the channels of the organisation chart. Clearly, this is not always the most effective route
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