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Spatial reference beamforming may not make use of embedded training sequences. Instead, the directions of arrival (DoA) of the impinging waves are used to synthesise beams steered at the wanted signal with nulls directed to other cochannel users (interference). The DoA characteristics are a function of the multipath environment which is discussed further in chapter 5. The performance of DoA null steering methods depends mainly on two factors:
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FIGURE 3.33 Measured return loss for the antenna shown in Figure 3.31 with a 1chip resistor and a chip capacitor of various capacitances; antenna parameters are given in Table 3.5. (From Ref. 18, C 1998 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)
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Table 3.2
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Part I
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1: Jump Start Spring 2
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Any xsl:attribute element defines an attribute for the element and. Anything else between the start and end xsl:element tags will appear as the value in the outputted element. The attributes for the xsl:element element are described in Table 13.14. Table 13.15 lists the parent-child relationships.
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ARCW Join E-List Page
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When you select a link, the Link Inspector provides a pop-up menu where you can choose the type of link you re working with. However, you have no real reason to do so. As you create and move your pages, dropping them into place, GoLive changes the links hierarchy (green) accordingly. Those link choices in the menu are simply Parent, Child, Next [sibling], and Previous [sibling]. The blue links you create on your own are referred to there as a Hyperlink. When do you use the pop-up menu in the Link Inspector If you Point and Shoot to create a Hyperlink, and then want to turn it into a Navigation, you can select the link and then choose the desired Navigation relationship link type. (But it is still easier to drag the page into place.) One more type of link is listed. It s called Tour, and its purpose is to mark out a special path of pages for you so you can create a guided tour through your Web site for users. However, as I write this, with the release of GoLive 5, this link is only used within the Design Canvas. Therefore, once you submit your design for the real production work and check your link status in Navigation view, you don t have the ability to see this uniquely colored pending hyperlink. In the future, look for more about this cool idea. Because links need to originate from content within a page, you cannot create a link simply by Pointing and Shooting from one page icon to another, but you can open any of the pages in your design and create the real links as you design the page. In Design view the green and blue links don t go away to show you that you ve resolved a link. You just have to know it for the time-being. When you submit the site, you can view it in the Links view and see an accurate depiction of the state of your links.
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Part IV User Interfaces and Multimedia
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Part VI: Securing Your Home Network
XSQL Page Processor
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