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Maximum likelihood estimation of the parameters of linear models from normally distributed observations
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At the left side of the Installation Wizard, you will be given a time estimate of how long the installation will take. If you have built a PC of reasonable specification, then this will be an overestimate of how long the process will take!
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Media Access Units
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The os.path.expandvars(path) function searches the given path for variable names of the form $varname and ${varname}. If the variables are defined in the environment, expandvars substitutes in their values, leaving undefined variable references in place (you can use $$ to print $):
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Secondary spherical Tertiary astigmatism at 45 Tertiary astigmatism at 0
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Most conventional desktop PC motherboards don t support ECC memory, which is used in higher-end servers and workstations. Because it requires more chips and more complex circuitry, ECC memory costs more than non-ECC memory. It also runs slightly slower because of the overhead involved in calculating or checking ECC data for each 8 bits worth of data read or written. If you need ECC memory, your motherboard manual will tell you so in no uncertain terms.
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The Data Link Layer
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10.3.1 Kinematic and structural response Once the blast loads have been predicted the next step is the analysis of the kinematic and structural responses. Kinematic response concerns the macro motion of a structure and has two main consequences. First, if significant motion of the structure occurs there may be the secondary effects associated with the subsequent impact on surrounding structures. Second, the acceleration and motion of the structure may cause injury to any occupants or damage to the structure itself. Figure 10.10 shows the predicted kinematic response of a vehicle to a nearby blast. In this instance both the blast wind and the shock wave influence the vehicle. The output from this kinematic response analysis would typically be the acceleration and motion of the vehicle, along with the associated secondary impacts of the vehicle with the ground. Such data would be used to assess occupant injury or damage to equipment and vehicle systems. An example of a structural analysis, that of a contained explosion within a building, is shown by Fig. 10.11. In this example the blast wind, combustion of explosive products, and shock wave affect the building's response. The modelling of structural response to blast is more established than the previous aspects discussed. Finite element analysis (FEA) to blast response and crashworthiness problems may
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3 Finding and Subscribing to Podcasts
1 Bits Hubs, repeaters, cables
Light source C Babinet compensator Polarizer Polarizer
One of the most cost-effective uses of online communications I ve found has been accomplished by Greenpeace in Brazil. Not only does it acquire almost 50 percent of its new supporters online, it also uses low-cost online channels to renew as many supporters as possible before moving to more expensive options such as phone and snail mail. Greenpeace Brazil achieved this in the following way. The initial goal was to create an e-mail members list. In the space of two years, several strategies increased the members list by 72 percent: A huge telemarketing operation to update data, including e-mail Putting the request for e-mail addresses in the telemarketing script Asking for e-mail addresses in all printed forms Requesting e-mail addresses on adverts in the supporter magazine Launching an intranet for members, and advertising this in the quarterly magazine Aggressively asking the e-mail supporters to communicate more frequently Giving members the option to choose how many times per month they wanted to receive news from Greenpeace The results of these activities speak for themselves (accurate for the 2002 year-end): 10% of Greenpeace Brazil members now visit the intranet. Attrition rates of members who joined online were reduced by 50 percent. Feedback from members about supporter services and current campaigns increased, improving supporter relations. Costs were significantly reduced, since Greenpeace Brazil sent e-mails instead of regular letters in many cases. Cultivating its e-mail program and Web site have now become important parts of Greenpeace Brazil s donor and prospect cultivation. Key tactics in that strategy include the following: Sending, according to the member s choice (weekly, every 15 days or monthly), an e-newsletter, including appeals to take action, which increases overall supporter involvement
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