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An Introduction to the Physics of High Energy Accelerators
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Tampering This is modifying the in-transit information. There is plenty of interesting in-flight data on the Internet: the amount of money in your account, national security data, and so forth. Someone could change the receiving account number money wire-transfers. Eavesdropping Data is not changed, but it is simply noted down for future use. The data could be personal or national classified security information. Impersonation Someone else poses as the intended recipient of data and gets all the information. Such impersonation is done by spoofing or misrepresentation:
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Internet backbones are run by companies such as MCI, AT&T, and other mainstream network services companies. There are a dozen or so major networks that are all interlinked; the fiber and wires that connect them are literally spread nationwide. Hawaii, for example, is a major tie point for data communications going to Japan, Australia, Guam, and other locations. These major tie points have cables, or, in this day and age, fiber optics, connecting the countries. These tie points exist in various major cities worldwide. Server farms are built in and around these major tie points, the goal being that they are close to a major network hub. Hosting companies that have their act together buy data lines to tie into these hubs from more than one provider, which gives them redundancy, traffic flexibility, and speed. If there is a technical problem on a specific network, most of these server farms where your website information physically resides are self-healing: if a line goes down from one, data provider traffic is simply rerouted to another. Your host must physically plug a network cable into the server that you are hosted on just like your home Internet connection. Thus, it is important that the host you go with has some redundant backbones.
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Figure 2.10 A typical set-up for two-path active load pull with individual control of harmonic impedances and passive source pull
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While you can always compile a Linux kernel for the 386 processor family (which will therefore run on any modern x86 processor), being able to identify the specific processor in your system enables you to take advantages of optimizations and processor-specific zconfiguration options that can help you build the fastest, most powerful kernel possible for your system.
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-90o -20dB x-z plane 0 -20dB y-z plane
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To adjust the look of your floating box, you can do any of the following: In the Borders tab you can create borders around your floating box, choosing which side will have one, if any, and the width, color, and pattern. In the Block tab, you can add padding inside your box, to provide an empty buffer zone between the boxes borders and its contents. The numbers in the block section are the height and width of your floating box, which you have already determined by dragging to resize the floating box or by entering numbers into the height and width fields within the Floating Box Inspector. You can use the CSS Selector Inspector to also set up background properties but the ones that concern you background color or image are already available in the Inspector. For the most part, everything within the Position tab is already available in the Inspector as this is the very essence of what a floating box is and why you use it. The Overflow setting here may interest you. This setting enables you to accommodate text within the floating box by turning on scrollbars within the box. Auto causes a scrollbar to appear whenever all the text in the floating box cannot fit. The scrollbars may interfere with the look of your page though.
Figure 6.5. SBS re ectivity as a function of input energy at 532-nm wavelength.
FIGURE 9.22. Instrument to observe Ronchi patterns.
Applying the Gaussian Blur filter
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