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Figure 12.4 HDDA/GrACE distributed dynamic storage [9].
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19 Creating Graphics for the Web
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Appendix B Binding Atomic energy mass (MeV) (umu) Z A Binding Atomic energy mass (MeV) (umu) Z A Binding Atomic energy mass (MeV) (umu)
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Table 8.66 lists the results.
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Reproduced with kind permission of Springer Science and Business Media.
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Figure 6-2: If the Messenger Service is disabled, you ll see a window that looks like this. If not, don t worry it s an easy fix!
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Boat Speed
Comma-separated values report file (*.csv) Extensible Markup Language report file (*.xml) Microsoft Excel Workbook (*.xls) Choose a name and a location for the file and then click Save.
Number of Boolean state variables
Around advice is the only advice that requires a separate class be created to be executed. This is because the class then wraps around the method and that class determines when the method under advisement will be executed. Let s look at an example of this from earlier in the chapter.
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