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>>> # Is May 1, 2002 a Wednesday >>> calendar.weekday(2002,5,1)==calendar.WEDNESDAY 1
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Figure 17.12 Interhospital connection between a clinical PACS and an off-line archive server with an ASL model. Compare with Figure 17.11. Blue box: data embedding performed; orange box: assurance of image authenticity and integrity performed; various green boxes: PACS security server.
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Reading this list, we can only conclude that not much changed in the 27 years that have passed since Godin s survey. In the next section (7.2), we will attest this statement by exploring the gap between theory and practice of interactive scheduling systems. This problem exploration will focus respectively on the lack of empirical research in planning and scheduling, the lack of a comprehensive framework for design of scheduling support, and the domain-oriented approach that is often taken in designing scheduling algorithms. In Sections 7.3 and 7.4 we propose how the development of interactive scheduling systems can be improved. In Section 7.3 we use hierarchies in planning to link domain models to models of the task division and task execution. Furthermore, we propose a framework for scheduling system development in which the domain and task models are linked to a reusable library of scheduling speci c components. In Section 7.4 we extend the use of hierarchical models to the design of algorithms. By providing a structure with which algorithms can be designed for subtasks rather than for scheduling problems, we expect the chances that algorithms will actually be used in practice to rise.
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Eq. (6.14) the error involved in interpolating f (x) with a quadratic polynomial is given by 1 (9.45) e(x) = f (3) ( (x))(x a)(x b)(x c) 3! for some = (x) [a, b]. Hence ES(2) =
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is a connectionless telco service that supports various protocols and functions needed to transmit data over a high-performance packet-switched network. This protocol is outside of the scope of this book, so this footnote should provide all the information that you will need a basic de nition pertaining to the service.
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As well as being able to log in to the members area, members need to be able to logout when they ve finished their session. To do this, create a simple script that clears the $_SESSION[ member ] variable. Save the following file as logout.php in your members folder:
Networking Nuts and Bolts
Figure 31-6 Satellites are used to transmit and dish antennae to receive data.
Processor i (as well as processor j) requires local and remote communication. The difference between the two communication times is CR CL = x%E, (16.5)
If, during the build, you think that you may have damaged a component through dropping it or handling it badly, then make a note of this. Damage caused can be difficult, if not impossible to spot, so if you have problems later on, having information on components that might have been damaged can save you a lot of time and energy in tracking down the fault.
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