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If T (t) = 0 (all t), then u(x, t) = 0 for all x and t. This is the trivial solution, and we reject it. Thus, we must have X(0) = X(L) = 0. (12.20)
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PC Magazine Guide to Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
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280 Private Inurement Doctrine
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This section outlines the different levels of HA that can be configured into a SAN. The number of SAN switches, interswitch links (ISLs), and number of
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During the rst meeting, you realize that Bill isn t going to play much of a role in this project. He s the one who initiated the whole thing, and he can help keep things moving if they get bogged down, but he s not going to be directly involved on a daily basis. (He s too busy with his classic car collection.) Charlie and Sveta are not particularly enthusiastic about the whole thing, but with Alicia s encouragement and an occasional nudge from Bill, they ll cooperate. Unfortunately Alicia s time will be largely taken up by running the store, so Charlie and Sveta will be your Customer Representatives. Alicia will be around to make critical decisions, break ties, and generally look menacing if Charlie and Sveta become dif cult. The purpose of the initial meeting is mostly to let you and the customers meet and get comfortable with each other. There s a chance that you ll get some serious work done, but it s more likely that this meeting will stay at a fairly high level. A couple of questions that you should try to address right away are: What do the customers expect to get from the new system Why do they think they need a new database system Does this system enhance or replace an existing system Are there other systems with which this one must interact
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FIGURE 4 Drug recalls. One rm had over 100 recalls in 2005, which caused a spike in the 2005 recall gures. (Source: CDER 2005 Report to the Nation.)
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Small slip in schedule
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5. Treatment Record showing the number of fractions delivered and whether portal imaging is required
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How It Works
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FIGURE 12-5: The feed I created has been validated.
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Image processing and analysis software can be very broad to allow for extracting relevant parameters from images for quantitative measurements. Measurement functions can include segmentation, region of interest determination, texture analysis, content analysis, morphological operations, image registration, and image matching. The output from image processing and analysis can be an entirely new image or a detail extracted from an image. Image processing functions can be performed automatically or interactively on image data by an input gateway or analysis server. Data extracted from the image processing functions can be appended to the image data le in the DICOM Structured Report format. Measurements are basic ingredients for the development of imaging informatics tools described in Section 20.3. Measurements can be used for deriving databases and knowledge base management for data mining, and for image content indexing and retrieval mechanism. Statistical methods applied to collective measurements from a large database can be further used to draw meaningful clinical results. 20.3.2 Visualization and Graphical User Interface
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