Part II PC Pieces and Parts
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You don t necessarily need to go into excruciating detail in your build journal, but it s a good idea to keep track of anything that requires special effort or attention, and to note where to find parts, documentation, and software later on. If and when it s needed, you ll be grateful you can run these things down quickly and easily!
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0 (Human hearing threshold) Inaudible at any kind of distance <15 (Human body sounds: breathing, digestion, and so on) Normally inaudible 15 20 (Super quiet/fanless PC) Barely audible 20 25 (Quiet whisper, very quiet PC, ambient sound level in recording studio) Very quiet 25 30 (Bedroom at night, very quiet PC) Quiet 34 45 (Quiet office or library, typical PC) Somewhat audible 50 (Conversation speech at 1m, noisy PC) Clearly audible 60 (Restaurant, Department store, Noisiest gamer PC) Noisy 80 (Curbside on busy street, Office with tabulating machines) Very noisy 100 (Machine shop with lathes, Subway or train station, Printing press) Extremely noisy 120 (Boiler room (maximum output/sound levels), Ship s engine room (full speed)) Almost intolerable 140 (30 meters from military jet at take off) Threshold of pain
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You will notice that I said both the show name and date. This is so people driving down the road know what show is starting and what date it was recorded.
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Note When changing a sheet s name, you have an option to also change the name of the associated drawing file to match the new sheet name.
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LANs, MANs, and WANs
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TABLE 10.1 Adams Bashforth Method Parameters m 0 1 2 3 0 h 3 h 2 23 h 12 55 h 24 1 h 2 16 h 12 59 h 24 1 2 3 Rm (tn+1 ) 1 2 (2) h x ( n ) 2 5 3 (3) h x ( n ) 12 3 4 (4) h x ( n ) 8 251 5 (5) h x ( n ) 720
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Thanks to Jerry Bottenfield of Clow Valve Company in Oskaloosa, Iowa, for this drawing.
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arccosh R N 1
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When I decided that I was really getting serious about podcasting, I started advertising my show on other sites. There is no better way to get the word out on your show than to advertise with a podcast directory or even on another podcast. I had run into trouble trying to get my promo played on a few shows, so I used the almighty dollar to buy some advertising time. Another podcaster will be happy to take in some revenue, and it will introduce you to that person s audience. Plus, the cost of entry to some shows is pretty low. Some podcasters are doing a good job of isolating themselves and only cross-promoting a small number of shows. This is a tactic used to try to corner a larger market share and shut others out. I feel that to be totally diverse, you need to go digging to find the gems in the sand. Nothing will make you happier than to have helped a fellow podcaster or to have been helped by someone. Advertising on sites and in podcast directories allows you to build good community and personal relations by sponsoring other shows. Some of the podcasters that had backgrounds in marketing have been able to use traditional advertising techniques that have caused their show s popularity to sizzle. So, watch what the top-rated shows are doing and pick the pieces that work well for you in developing your audience.
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Check the exterior of the PSU for any damage such as dents. Reject any PSUs that show signs of external damage as they might be malfunctioning and destroy other components attached to them. Also, check all of the power cabling on the power rails (the cables that feed power to the motherboard and drives) coming from the PSU for signs of wear, sharp kinks, or cuts to the outer sheathing of the wires. Check all the connectors carefully and look for any that might have suffered crush damage in transit. Finally, give the PSU a little shake and listen for anything that sounds loose inside or any rattling. There s a lot of space inside a PSU, and screws and other small items can work their way inside and cause a short when switched on. Reject the PSU if it sounds like it has something loose inside.
Types of WLANs
If you open the ZIP in read or append mode, read(name) decompresses the specified file and returns its contents:
On the CD-ROM The drawing used in the following exercise on drawing tabulated surfaces, ab23-e.dwg, is in the Drawings folder on the CD-ROM.
UCS options
Architecture-Based Network Topologies
QoS and QoE Management in UMTS Cellular Systems
: yn(t) = x n ( t ) *
Digital data communications has changed rapidly and continues to evolve due to the demand of many types of data consumers. High-speed data communications is no longer the preferred network of only large companies; everyday consumers use these networks for various forms of communication voice, text, video, and teleconferencing. The past decade has seen a convergence of a wide range of services utilizing the public network simply referred to as the Internet. The term Internet covers a wide range of network devices and services offered by a wide range of companies commonly referred to as the telecommunications industry. This chapter discusses local area networks (LANs), metropolitan area networks (MANs), and wide area networks (WANs). The topics will be discussed in this order, but it is not meant to imply that this was the evolutionary process in networking technology. In reality, it is perhaps more like WANs, LANs, and then MANs. However, there have been areas of overlap where the evolution of all three occurred simultaneously. The quote above is trying to give a sense of the relationship between LAN, MAN, and WAN. Some LAN networks are a personal thing, like my LAN at home. It is mine, all mine, and not to be shared with others.1 Strategically speaking, a LAN is owned by a person or small group, but it is fairly local
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