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Figure 27.7 LTVS patient information and management window. Left: GUI windows; middle: facial image.
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1: Jump Start Spring 2
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It can be proved that for the ground state, E is always greater than or equal to the exact energy E0 and that the two are equal only if g g0 . This fact provides a prescription for obtaining a solution to equation (A.1) which is as accurate as possible. The procedure is called the variation method and is as follows: (1) construct a wave function with the correct form to describe the system, building in exibility in the form of a set of parameters; (2) di erentiate E [equation (A.9)] with respect to each of the parameters and set the resulting equation to zero; and (3) solve the resulting set of simultaneous equations to obtain the optimum set of parameters which give the lowest energy (closest to the exact energy). The wave function constructed using these parameters then should be as close to the exact wave function as the original choice of form and parameters allow. The rst task is the construction of the wave function. MANY-ELECTRON WAVE FUNCTION The minimum requirements for a many-electron wave function, namely, antisymmetry with respect to interchange of electrons and indistinguishability of electrons, are satis ed by an antisymmetrized sum of products of one-electron wave functions (orbitals), f 1 , p 1Y 2Y F F F Y Ne Ne 3 1a2
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CFD results at 120 ATDC (DFVR simulation)
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If a conventional screen/ lm combination system is used, exposure on example I in Figure 3.13 would only utilize the higher optical density region of the lm, whereas in example II it would utilize the lower region. Neither case would utilize the full dynamic range of the optical density in the lm. From these two examples it is seen that the CR system allows the utilization of the full optical density dynamic range, regardless whether the plate is overexposed or underexposed. Figure 3.14 shows an example comparing the results of using screen/ lm versus CR under identical X-ray
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15.1.2 Network Operations Staff
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staff to maintain the equipment and support the workforce located at that facility. Sizing and scaling of the support model is proportional; there is no one-size- ts-all approach for each separate installation. Some companies with a corporate of ce and regional of ce use a model where much of the IT support is run out of the corporate of ce, with a smaller staff located at the remote of ces performing the hands-on work. 15 discusses methods of remote network management. Figure 13-3 shows a single central support area. It is not uncommon to locate core services for IT to save money by not needing more support staff located in different areas of the facility. Once an IT department is set up, the amount of staff required to maintain the on-site equipment and eld support calls from the local users for services provided by IT is much lower in the initial implementation phase. If major upgrades to the local network are required, a company can opt to hire contractors or send staff from other locations to assist in the upgrade. Another option is to hire a company to handle the upgrade and pay for the labor that is required directly to that network contractor. Many factors will determine which method would be best, but the overall cost and size are typically the driving forces of the upgrade project. Small upgrades
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Exclusion Figure 13-12: When you apply the Difference mode (top), white pixels invert the pixels beneath them; black pixels leave the background untouched. The Exclusion mode (bottom) performs a similar effect, but instead of inverting medium colors, it changes them to gray.
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acoustic impedance acoustic intensity acoustic isolation adaptive algorithms adaptive antenna array adaptive sidelobe canceller adaptive signal processing amplitude weights angular spread loss antenna antenna arrays antenna impedance antenna terminology aperture antennas auxiliary frequencies azimuth
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By overloading type conversion methods, you can convert your object to different data types as needed:
NumberOfReferPlan NumberOfReferStructSet NumberOfDVH NumberOfRO Contour NumberOfDoseROI ...
T h e process of data collection may seem sensible and logical
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