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Figure 6-10: The first choices appearing in the Acrobat PDFMaker 5.0 for Microsoft Office dialog box enable you to select Job Options for creating the PDF file.
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Table 5-3 Private IP Addresses as Specified in RFC 1918 Class
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Service and QoS Aspects in Radio Network Dimensioning and Planning
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FIGURE 8.6 Geometry of a dual-polarized aperture-coupled microstrip patch antenna with H-shaped coupling slot. (a) Side view of the antenna, (b) coupling slots in the ground plane for four different designs (antennas 1 4).
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Figure 29-12: The Tool Palettes tab of the Customize dialog box. Use the Customize dialog box to customize tool palettes as follows: Change the order of the tool palette tabs: Select one of the tabs in the Tool Palettes list and drag it up or down. You can also move the tabs directly on the Tool Palette by right-clicking the tab name and choosing Move Up or Move Down. Create a new tool palette: Right-click and choose New Tool Palette. Enter a name and press Enter. To create a new tool palette on the palette itself, right-click anywhere on the palette and choose New Tool Palette. Rename a tool palette: Click the palette s name to select it, and then click it again so that you see a border around the name. Enter a new name and press Enter. To rename a tool palette on the palette itself, right-click on the tab s name and choose Rename Tool Palette. Delete a tool palette: Select the tool palette, right-click and choose Delete. In the Confirm Tool Palette Deletion dialog box, which warns you that deletion is permanent unless you first export the tool palette, click OK to delete the tool palette. You can also rightclick any tool palette and choose Delete Tool Palette. Import a tool palette or group: Right-click a palette or group and choose Import. In the Import Palette dialog box, locate the XTP file and click Open. Export a tool palette group: Right-click a palette or group and choose Export. In the Export Palette dialog box, choose the location for the file. You can change the name if you want. The tool palette is saved as an XTP file. Click Save. Organize tool palettes into groups: In the Palette Groups area, right-click and choose New Group. Enter a name for the group and press Enter. From the Tool Palettes list on the left side of the dialog box, drag one or more tool palettes under the group name on the right, as you see in Figure 29-12. Note that the tool palettes come with a large number of dynamic blocks, and materials (AutoCAD only).
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Block commands
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signup process; the fields for the current step are displayed as normal, and the fields for the other two steps are displayed as hidden fields. For example, displayStep2() outputs hidden fields to store the values for firstName, lastName, newsletter, and comments, while displaying the fields for the current step (gender and favoriteWidget):
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19 Adding Special Effects and Animation
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Table 5.4.
PC Magazine Wireless Solutions
Fig. 3.21 The simulation model.
Figure 25-23: External addresses called for in a site are reflected in the In & Out Links palette
7.2 The Immersed Boundary Method
1 -TQP,
Figure 12-5: Configure privacy options.
Inserting images
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