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10 Metabolic complications of obesity
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<html> <head> <title>Test DWR Albums</title> ... <script type= text/javascript src= /pixweb-0.0.1/dwr/interface/albumRepository.js />... <script type= text/javascript > function getchoices() { albumRepository.getAlbums(updatechoice); } </script>
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To create a new mailbox, call create(name). To delete a mailbox, call delete(name). Call rename(oldname,newname) to rename mailbox oldname to the name newname. Mailboxes can contain other mailboxes. For example, the name nudgenudge/ winkwink indicates a sub-box named winkwink inside a master mailbox nudgenudge. The hierarchy separator character varies by server; some servers would name the mailbox nudgenudge.winkwink. A mailbox can be marked as subscribed. The effects of subscribing vary by server, but generally subscriptions are a way of flagging mailboxes of particular interest. Use subscribe(name) and unsubscribe(name) to toggle subscription status for the mailbox name. The command list([root[,pattern]]) finds mailbox names. The parameter root is the base of a mailbox hierarchy to list. It defaults to (not a blank string, but a string of two double-quotes) for the root level. The parameter pattern is a string to search for; pattern may contain the wildcards * (matching anything) and % (matching anything but a hierarchy delimiter). The output of list is a list of 3-tuples. Each tuple corresponds to a mailbox. The first element is a list of flags, such as \Noselect. The second element is the server s hierarchy separator character. The third is the mailbox name. To list only subscribed mailboxes, use the command lsub([root[,pattern]]). For example, the following code creates and lists some mailboxes:
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In a lot of performance tests we read, nVidia showed moderate performance advantages over ATI Radeon chipsets, sometimes even when price differences went strongly the other way. ATI and nVidia both make good products, but we find nVidia s current price/performance ratios to be more compelling than ATI s. Over the years, these companies have flip-flopped in this relationship, so don t assume what s true as we write this will remain true forever. You can buy an adequate graphics card for your HTPC for under $100, and a good one for between $150 and $200. You can spend more than that, but unless you game on that system, you really won t need the extra performance that added costs convey. Your authors use nVidia GeForce 6600 based cards in their own HTPC systems finding in them a sweet spot between cost and capability. See Figure 9-1.
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Figures 26.17, 26.18
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Figure 8-21: Use the move tool to drag a selection from one open window and drop it into another (top). This creates a clone of the selection in the receiving window (bottom).
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Web service technology brings with it benefits for both users of the technology and developers of the technology. Adaptable: Web services can be developed in any programming language, computing platform, and software architecture. Applicable: Web services allow software developed as components to be reused either by other pieces of software or through a URI that can be entered into a web browser. Interoperable: By far the greatest benefit of web services is their ability to enable communications between different computing platforms. It is no longer a requirement for inter-platform communications to have the same hardware and software components. Web services support interoperability between various platforms developed in Java, C++, .NET, JavaScript, Perl, and any other programming language. Because web services are built on web standards such as XML, communication between business components is based on industry standards and not proprietary protocols.
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CPU Estimates
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Load balancing spreads the work among several servers. Without load balancing, all work must be done by a single server. The incoming client requests are distributed among servers in the farm. Response time to the client decreases, especially for CPU-intensive tasks. Each host in the farm runs an independent copy of the programs required by the load balancer
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This is the possibility to compute the precision that may be attained for a particular set of observations. It enables the experimenter to investigate the appropriateness of the set of observations available for the purposes in mind. The computation of the attainable precision will be discussed in 4.
8: Objects
Table 16-1 (continued)
What Do You Need to Back Up
network interface A subsystem that provides the means for a computer or internetworking node to attach to a communications link. network interface card (NIC) A network adapter that provides a hardware interface between an end node and the network.
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