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The organic portion of solid wastes has a carbon hydrogen oxygen ratio similar to that of cellulose (C6 H10 O5 )n , a polymer that is widely present in nature [21, 25, 26, 30]. It is therefore expected that the thermal destruction behavior of cellulose will provide useful information on the organic portion of the solid waste. A pyrolysis process can be represented as: Hydrocarbons (waste) + heat gaseous products + solid char The pyrolysis products include both the gas and solid phases. For gas phase, it is mostly carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC). Experimental and calculated results obtained here show that an increase in pyrolysis temperature results in the formation of lower molecular weight hydrocarbon gases as well as a decrease in the fraction of solid residue. In contrast the calori c value and the volume of pyrolyzed gases increases. Pyrolysis experiments on cellulose have been performed in the CMHR using the plasma jet as heat source. The plasma ow rate was set at 25 liters/min while the plasma power was varied from 3.3 to 32 kW. The temperature in the test
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Network nodes that are used to provide remote users the capability of accessing a computer or network from a remote location are known as remote access nodes. Many corporate LANs utilize VPN technology to allow users into the LAN from any location, as long as they have access to the Internet. Some users may not have access to the Internet, and in those cases, they can use a modem to connect to the remote location. Home users also have modems that allow them to conRANDOM BONUS DEFINITION nect to the service provider. modulation The process of manipulating Once connected, the users can a waveform to create a signal that sends a digitally travel to almost anymessage. In data communications, where in the world. They can modulation is performed by a node that also use VPN client software converts a digital signal to an analog signal, to connect to the VPN server in order to be communicated over a phone line. (or rather, to the node that is running the server software). Remote access technology, like many other networking technologies, has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade. Remote access (with the necessary applications) allows people to telecommute and work from remote locations as often as necessary.42 Additionally, remote access gives small of ces the capability to connect to the corporate LAN to conduct business. This is a much cheaper option than what was provided in the 1980s to early 1990s.
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with I the identity matrix of order L2, and L1 + 2L2 = L. The relation (4.184) has been introduced in Subsection 3.8.3. Then, the first L1 elements of p are the real functions u l , . . . ,U L ~ .The next Lz elements are the complex functions U L ~ + I j u ~ . , + ~ ~.+,l , . . ~ L ~ + j Lu ~~ ~ while the ~ L2 elements are the complex conjugates of these. + 2 ~ last Then, the Cram&-Rao lower bound for unbiased estimators r = B u of the vector of real and complex functions p = B u is obtained from (4.183) as follows. The left-hand member of (4.183) is positive semidefinite. Therefore, by Theorem C.12,
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Part III Working with Data
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Part III Selections, Masks, and Filters
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