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Earlier in this chapter, I showed you a list of bookmarks in the Navigation pane (refer back to Figure 2-20). Each of these bookmark items are also hypertext links. Bookmark links are similar to button links in that they are created as links and can assume the same attributes. Most often bookmarks will be navigational items for finding sections or headings in a given PDF file. To select a bookmark, move the cursor to the bookmark in question and click. Notice that the bookmark text becomes underlined when the cursor is placed over that bookmark in the Navigation pane. Acrobat informs you which bookmark will be used by displaying a line under the text. The action associated with the bookmark is applied after the mouse button is clicked. Bookmarks have options available via a context-sensitive menu appearing when you right-click the mouse button (Control + Click on the Mac) in the Navigation pane when the Bookmarks tab is selected. Similar options appear when you choose the down arrow at the top of the Bookmarks pane to open the palette menu. These options afford you viewing bookmarks by finding the current bookmark, showing the location of a bookmark, and hiding the Navigation pane after selecting the
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Have you ever wanted to try an effect without permanently damaging an image Photoshop offers multiple undos, and you ll get a kick out of using the History palette to see before and after views of your image (as I explain in 7). But what if you want to apply a series of effects to an image independently and compare them side by side And save the variations as separate files Or perhaps even merge them This is a job for image duplication. To create a new window with an independent version of the foreground image, choose Image Duplicate. A dialog box appears, requesting a name for the new image. Just like the Name option in the New dialog box, the option is purely an organizational tool you can use or ignore. If your image contains multiple layers, Photoshop will, by default, retain all layers in the duplicate document. Or you can merge all visible layers into a single layer by selecting the Merged Layers Only check box. (Hidden layers remain independent.) Press Enter to create your new, independent image. Bear in mind that this image is unsaved; you need to choose File Save to save any changes to disk.
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is the algorithm used and "j represents the intensities. In the case of the integratingg bucket method, which is preferred for use when trying to reduce vibration sensitivity, de Groot and Deck (1996) showed that "j g 1 t Z
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13.1. INTRODUCTION Optical imaging systems generally have an axis of rotational symmetry, and their pupil is circular or annular, as in the case of the systems with mirrors. The wave aberration function of such systems can be expanded in a power series or a complete set of orthogonal polynomials. Although introduced by Zernike (1934a,b) for testing the gure of a circular mirror by a knife edge test or his phase contrast method, Zernike circle polynomials were studied extensively by Nijboer (1943, 1947) and Nienhuis and Nijboer (1949) to describe the diffraction theory of aberrations. We show that these polynomials, which are orthogonal over a circular pupil, represent balanced aberrations that yield minimum variance. For small aberrations, a minimum of aberration variance yields a maximum of Strehl ratio (Mahajan, 1982, 1983, 1993). Relationships between the coef cients of a power-series expansion and those of a Zernike-polynomial expansion are given. In particular, the conversion of Seidel coef cients into Zernike coef cients or vice versa is discussed. Similarly, Zernike annular polynomials representing balanced aberrations with minimum variance for systems with annular pupils are discussed (Mahajan, 1981a,b; 1984; 1994). Balanced aberrations that yield minimum ray aberration variance, often called the root mean square spot radius, are different and are not discussed here (Braat, 1987). Finally, the determination of Zernike coef cients from a discrete set of wavefront error data obtained by ray tracing, as in optical design, or by measurement, as in optical testing, is discussed, regardless of the shape of the pupil. The procedure described is thus applicable, for example, to elliptical pupils obtained in off-axis imaging, odd-shaped vignetted pupils, and hexagonal pupils of a segmented mirror with hexagonal segments.
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4 Specifying Coordinates
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Also, the position where the CGH is located can be different. There are two possibilities, one is to place the hologram in the testing space where only the wavefront under test passes through the hologram. A second possibility is to place it in the observation space, where both interfering wavefronts pass through the hologram. Let us analyze these two cases with some detail. A CGH is sensitive to the same errors as real holograms. Because of this, the CGH should be placed in the interferometer, so that thickness variations in the hologram substrate have no effect on the results. The importance of this will depend on where the CGH is located. (a) If the hologram is placed in the observation space, both the reference wavefront and the wavefront under test pass through the hologram. Each wavefront generates its own diffracted wavefronts. Proper spatial ltering should be performed so that the interference pattern is generated with the diffracted reference wavefront (aspheric) and the wavefront under test or with the nondiffracted reference wavefront ( at) and the compensated wavefront under test (nearly plane). Since the CGH is traversed by both interfering wavefronts, any small imperfection in the glass plate of the CGH is unimportant. In this case, the superposition of the hologram and the interference pattern can be considered as a moire pattern. If this pattern is spatially ltered, the interferogram representing the wavefront deviations with respect to the aspheric surface (not with respect to a plane) is obtained. If desired, this procedure can even be carried out by the superposition of two transparencies of the interferogram and the hologram, as illustrated in Figure 12.47. (b) If the hologram is placed in the interferometer test space only the wavefront under test will pass through the hologram, but it will pass twice through it. Let us represent the diffracted beams after the rst pass by their order of diffraction number (. . . 2, 1, 0, 1, 2 . . .). Since all these beams come back to the hologram after re ection on the aspheric surface under test, they can now be represented by a pair of numbers, the rst one being the order of diffraction on the rst pass and the second one the order of diffraction on the second pass. These beams are ordered as follows: 1; 1 1; 0 0; 1 1; 1 0; 0
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Fig. 11.1 CFD geometry The extremely cold ventilation air drops into the trench and dilutes CO2 levels (see Figs 11.2 and 11.3). The sleeping area, on a shelf above the trench, is wanner but also dryer in most locations (relative humidity is a function of the temperature and moisture content of the air). The moisture content is affected by, for example, cooking and respiration.
Melting zone
To add a folder to the watched folders list, the folder must first be created before clicking the Add button (Windows) or created by selecting the New button (Macintosh). Folders, as well as partitions and drives, can be added to your list. On a network, remote folders, partitions, and drives can also be added to the list. If you want to select a folder similar to the one displayed in Figure 5-23, select a folder after clicking the Add button. If you want to have the entire hard drive watched, select the drive designation (C:\, D:\, E:\, and so on in Windows or Macintosh HD, Hard Drive, and so on with a Macintosh) and click the OK button in the Browse for Folder dialog box. Remove: To delete watched folders, select the folder name in the watched folders list and click the Remove Folder button. If a folder is moved on or deleted from your hard drive, the next time you launch Distiller, you will see a warning dialog box appear notifying you that Distiller cannot find the watched folder(s). Removal of watched folders must occur in the Acrobat DistillerWatched Folders (Windows) or Watched Folders (Macintosh) dialog box. If you inadvertently deleted a watched folder, you need to delete the folder name in the watched folders list. Return to your desktop and create a new folder; then return to the dialog box and add the new folder to the list. Security: Security can be established for the PDF files distilled. Adding security during distillation is handy for multiple files created in PDF Workflow environments. If the Acrobat 3.0 or 4.0 compatibility option is selected in the current General Job Options dialog box, the security level will be limited to 40bit encryption. If Acrobat 5.0 compatibility is selected in the General Job Options dialog box, 128-bit encryption will be used. Job Options: The Job Options button becomes active when you select a watched folder name in the watched folders list. With a folder name selected in the list, clicking the Job Options button will open the Job Options dialog box. You can apply different Job Options to different watched folders. If, for example, you print PostScript files to disk and have them distilled for highend output and Web page design, you will want compression and color modes distinctive for the output sources. You can set up two watched folders and have the same PostScript file distilled with the different Job Options. Setting Job Options here will override Distiller s defaults and apply new options to the specific watched folder where the attributes are established. Load Options: Selecting this button opens the Settings folder where your Job Options are stored. Any Job Options you created or the presets can be selected and used for the watched folder. Clear Options: This button in the Watched Folders dialog box can only be used after the Job Options button is selected and the Job Options for the watched folder have been changed from Distiller s defaults. After the Job Options have been changed from the Job Options control, an icon appears adjacent to the folder icon and directory path in the watched folders list, as illustrated in Figure 5-23. The symbol indicates the Job Options have been changed from Distiller s defaults. When you select the name in the list and click the Clear Options button, the icon changes back to the view displayed in Figure 5-26.
Apodize The word taper is used here see 5. Baseband The band of frequencies occupied by the signal used to modulate a carrier wave [3]. B.B.C. The British Broadcasting Corporation. c.d.f. see cumulative distribution function. Carrier wave An alternating voltage used to carry information (modulation) either for radiation as in wireless transmission or for frequency division multiplex transmission [3].
with a being the tilt angle for the mirror and f the focal length of the objective (Fig. 17.3). Objective lenses are usually a corrected doublet, although sometimes a negative lens is included to form a telephoto lens to increase effective focal length, maintaining compactness at the same time. The collimating lens adjustment is
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