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Finally, call a frame s SetMenuBar(bar) method to attach the menu bar to the frame:
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BER Bit Error Rate BPSK Binary Phase Shift Keying BS Base Station BSS Basic Service Set CDF Cumulative Distribution Function CDMA Code Division Multiple Access CP Cyclic Prefix CPE Common Phase Error CSI Channel State Information CSMA/CA Carrier Sensing Medium Access/Collision Avoidance DCA Dynamic Channel Allocation DMT Discret MultiTone DSL Digital Subscriber Line DSSS Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum DVB-T Digital Video Broadcasting ESS Extended Service Set FCA Fixed Channel Allocation FDD Frequency Division Duplexing FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access FHSS Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
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Contents Part III
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You can also place the opening curly bracket after the $ symbol, which has the same effect:
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Variable network typically a WAN, MAN, or LAN (or a combination of)
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This chapter gave you a high-level overview of XSLT, which should have complemented the earlier examples that used XSLT. 13, XSLT In-Depth, covers the details of coding XSLT. Because XSLT controls how your XSQL application looks, it s an important part of your overall code. You ll see this in 14, Building XSQL Web Applications, when you create your own application. A lot of the overall code is XSLT stylesheets.
4. Select File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks.
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The example in this chapter involves setting up a mail server on Fedora Core. Setting up a mail server on Knoppix is not really practical for two reasons: Knoppix s slowness can lead to difficulty in delivering mail, and installing Postfix on a live CD-based machine will simply lead to the server being lost any time the machine is rebooted. (This is true of any server running on a live CD, by the way. Even something as simple as a Samba or Apache server will be lost upon reboot. It is possible to save a configuration from Knoppix or to customize the installation and burn a new CD, but if your intent is to run persistent servers, you re probably better off dedicating a machine to Linux, doing a traditional installation, and running them on that.)
EmployeeRoles EmployeeId ProjectId EmployeeRole
am or pm , depending on the value of the hour AM or PM , depending on the value of the hour The full time zone identifier of the currently set time zone (such as UTC or America/Indiana/Indianapolis ) The time zone abbreviation for the currently set time zone (such as UTC or EST ). Abbreviations are best avoided because the same abbreviation is often used for multiple time zones throughout the world The time zone offset from GMT, in the format hhmm. For example, the America/Indiana/Indianapolis time zone is 5 hours behind GMT, so its offset is 0500 Same as O, but with a colon between the hours and minutes (for example,
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