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Keyboard Zoom Resizes Windows (on): Select this option to force Photoshop to resize the image window when you zoom in or out on your image by selecting a Zoom command from the View menu or by using the keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+plus and Ctrl+minus. This one s really a matter of personal choice I leave the option on, but you ll do no harm to yourself or the planet if you turn it off. Either way, you can temporarily choose the opposite setting by pressing Alt as you choose the Zoom command. Auto-update Open Documents (on): This option creates and maintains a link between an open image and the image file on disk. Any time the image on disk updates, Photoshop updates the image on screen in kind. This feature is an amazing help when you re editing images with another artist over a network. Imagine that you and a coworker each have the same server file open in separate copies of Photoshop. Your coworker makes a change and saves it. Seconds later, your copy of Photoshop automatically updates the image on your screen. Then you make a change and save it, and Photoshop relays your modifications to your coworker s screen. So what happens if you re both editing the image simultaneously Whoever saves first gets the glory. If your coworker saves the image before you do, any changes that you haven t saved are overwritten by the other person s work.
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At the radiological imaging device. Images are not deleted from the imaging device s local storage until technologists have veri ed the successful archiving
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MRI Breast Imaging Server/Archive DICOM Conversion Unit (DCU) SAN P1 P2 Site 2 Site 3 AURORA Dedicated Breast MRI SAN P1
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You can type this code in the Visual LISP Editor and load it. To try it out, type the following in the Console:
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k(T ) = A exp where A = preexponential factor, min 1 E = activation energy, kJ/mol K R = universal gas constant, J/mol K T = temperature, K t = time, s
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TV set
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Reporting a Phishing Scam When You Have the Email
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Number of Bytes
MAC control
Electric elds can have important effects on charged biomolecules. Most applications of such elds in biochemistry involve in vitro separations. There are relatively few examples of the use of electric elds on living cells. Electroporation is a technique which takes advantage of the effects of high voltages on cell membranes to facilitate the uptake of foreign genetic material. This process is called transformation.
A mesh may be dynamically adapted to more ef ciently resolve the discretization required for a solution to a given problem. Types of mesh adaptation currently supported by the Sierra framework include r dynamic load balancing to improve utilization of parallel resources, r local re nement and unre nement (h-adaptivity) to control the local spatial resolution of the mesh, and r element erosion (a.k.a. element death) to model destruction or phase change of materials.
Implementing GoLive Actions
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