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$authors = array( Steinbeck , Kafka , Steinbeck , Tolkien , Steinbeck , Dickens ); $titles = array( The Grapes of Wrath , The Trial , Of Mice and Men , The Hobbit , East of Eden , A Tale of Two Cities ); $pubYears = array( 1939, 1925, 1937, 1937, 1952, 1859 ); array_multisort( $authors, $titles, $pubYears ); // Displays Array ( [0] => Dickens [1] => Kafka [2] => Steinbeck [3] => Steinbeck [4] => Steinbeck [5] => Tolkien )
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. Transport format indicator (TFI), as pointed out in the introduction, is a label for a speci c TF within a TFS. It is used in inter-layer communication between MAC and L1 each time a TBS is exchanged between the two layers on a transport channel. . Transport format combination indicator (TFCI), as already explained, is used in order to inform the receiving end of the currently valid TFC and, hence, to decode, demultiplex and transfer the received data to MAC on the appropriate TrCHs. MAC indicates the TFI to L1 at each delivery of TBSs on each TrCH. L1 then builds the TFCI from the TFIs of all parallel TrCHs of the UE, processes the TBs and appropriately appends the TFCI to the physical control signalling (DPCCH). Through the detection of the TFCI the receiving end is able to identify the TFC. . Transport format for the HS-DSCH consists of three parts one dynamic part, one semi-static part and one static part. The transport format for the HS-DSCH is always explicitly signalled. There is no support of blind transport format detection. Attributes of the dynamic part are: transport block size (same as transport block set size); redundancy version/constellation; and modulation scheme. No semi-static attributes are de ned. Attributes of the static part are: transmission time interval ( xed to 2 ms in FDD); error protection scheme to apply (turbo-coding, coding rate is 1/3); and size of CRC (24 bits).
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chain process is customer focused, meaning that it needs t o be easy t o understand, simple t o use, swift, flexible and reliable - it must work consistently. Partmrships with different organisations to provide their customers with peripherals and accessories, product delivery and software products.
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Once you have become comfortable using Media Center to watch TV, the next big question you will be asking is What s on TV You are in the right place Media Center has one of the best on-screen Program Guides anywhere. The rst time you set up My TV, and on a regular basis thereafter, Media Center downloads two weeks of TV programming information for you to use. The Program Guide can be used to see what s
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The discrete Fourier transform algorithms are used on digital computers to compute the list of points representing the Fourier transform. First, the values representing the waveform with time are selected, called sampling and described in the next section, then the values are changed into digital form so that digital numerical algorithms may be used to calculate the Fourier transform. The arrays of N equally spaced sample values in time and (complex) voltage, t[n], v[n], may be used in a discrete Fourier transform F k 1 N
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if ( $this->data[ password ] ) $st->bindValue( :password , $this->data[ password ], PDO::PARAM_STR );
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mysql> SELECT SUM( numVisits ) FROM accessLog; +------------------+ | SUM( numVisits ) | +------------------+ | 9 | +------------------+ 1 row in set (0.00 sec)
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4.5. DISCUSSION: IMPLICATIONS FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF PLANNING SUPPORT SYSTEMS This empirical study was conducted with real planners, no software support, and manipulated planning problems. We used protocol analyses, among others, as an instrument to gain better insight in planning strategies of planners. This way of working is the starting point in what we in Section 4.1 called software development from bottom-up. There is a good reason for doing this. Planners and schedulers, whether they are doing staff, production, or transport planning, are not very satis ed
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nm pulse from ampli ed and frequency-doubled output from an SBS compressor was shifted to 629 nm by the rst SRS stage and then converted to an 780-nm pulse by the second SRS compressor stage. When the Ti:sapphire was pumped by a 40-mJ pulse at 532 nm, single-pass ampli cation factors of between 10 and 15 were observed with resultant 2- to 3-mJ/picosecond pulse outputs. 7.7 APPLICATION OF SBS PULSE COMPRESSION TO DIODE-PUMPED SOLID-STATE LASERS WITH HIGH PULSE REPETITION RATE For Brillouin optical compression in laser systems running at relatively high pulse repetition rates, competing and detrimental effects such as SRS and optical breakdown in nonlinear liquids degrade output performances and can obstruct reliable operation of the system. This is on account of the surplus energy and resultant convective ows in the nonlinear media that both of these effects cause. Optical breakdown of SBS-active liquids is usually associated with microparticles in the focal waist area. At low pulse repetition rates these occasional breakdowns do not signi cantly affect the SBS phase conjugation/pulse compression processes. The probability of breakdown occurrence, however, not only is a function of microparticle concentration in the liquid per se, but also increases nonlinearly with pulse repetition rate. Increasing the pulse repetition rate with its attendant increase in optical breakdown leads to heat accumulation in the focal region and hence increased convective ow. As a result, more particles per unit time are drawn through the focal region by the convective ow including microparticles from the inner wall of the SBS cell and the frequency of optical breakdown increases. In addition, this effect gives rise to the increase of the SBS threshold and subsequent phase conjugation degradation. SRS may also be detrimental for SBS compressor operation at high pulse repetition rates. The adverse in uence of SRS on reliable optical pulse compression is associated with additional energy absorption in nonlinear medium due to Stokes losses in the process of Raman conversion of laser radiation. Because a Raman frequency shift of 300 500 cm21 is observed for most of liquids used as SBS media, even a few percent of laser energy converted into Raman scattering, generates heat, and therefore contributes to convective ows in the medium. Usually these effects can be observed under action of 2- to 3-ns pulses if the average laser power reaches approximately 10 W. Convective ows lead to SBS quality degradation as well as to increasing probability of optical breakdown, as noted above. In pulse compression geometry, the interaction length should be equal to or longer than half of pump pulse length. Forward SRS then dominates over backward SRS if there is no Stokes anti-Stokes interaction to suppress the forward SRS gain. In order to reduce the conversion ef ciency of forward SRS, one can select a geometry that provides a strong Stokes anti-Stokes interaction. It can be done if lF dk ! p, where dk is the wave number mismatch, determined by the SRS frequency shift and nonlinear medium dispersion of refractive index. Thus, for
Now a call with the wrong number of arguments yields the following:
4: Using Spring MVC to Build Web Pages
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