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1. Load the application that was completed in the previous exercise. If you didn t do the previous exercise, enter the text of the chgmytext routine from that exercise in Visual LISP s edit window, and save it as ab35-05.lsp in AutoCAD 2007\Support or a folder that you ve added to the support file search path. Then load it with any drawing that you open in AutoCAD. 2. Now run chgmytext and choose an object that is not a text object (such as a circle) in response to the Select object: prompt. Answer the prompts for new height and new text values. If the selected object is a circle, you see its radius change to match the value that you specified to be the new text height. This is definitely not what you intended when writing this program. 3. Modify the program so that it reads as follows, and save it as ab35-06.lsp:
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into R. Write the state equations for the circuit, assuming that the state variables are v(t), and iL (t). Write these equations in matrix form. (Comment: This problem is based on the example of a parametric ampli er as considered in C. A. Desoer and E. S. Kuh, Basic Circuit Theory, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1969.) 10.3. Give a detailed derivation of Eqs. (10.17). 10.4. The general linear rst-order ODE is dx(t) = a(t)x(t) + b(t), x(t0 ) = x0 . dt Use the trapezoidal method to nd an expression for xn+1 in terms of xn , tn , and tn+1 . 10.5. Prove that the trapezoidal method for ODEs is unconditionally stable. 10.6. Consider Theorem 10.2. Assume that x0 = x(t0 ). Use (10.23) to nd an upper bound on |x(tn ) xn |/M for the following ODE IVPs: dx = 1 2x, x(0) = 1. dt dx = 2 cos x, x(0) = 0. (b) dt 10.7. Consider the ODE IVP (a) dx(t) = 1 2x, dt x(0) = 1.
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The XPLODE command is a version of the EXPLODE command that you can use to control the final layer, color, and linetype of the objects. If you select more than one object, you can set the properties for all of the objects that you select at once (that is, globally) or for each object individually. To xplode an object, type xplode . (XPLODE is actually an AutoLISP program in AutoCAD and is also built into AutoCAD LT.) At the Select objects: prompt, select one or more blocks. If you select more than one object, XPLODE displays the XPlode Individually/ <Globally>: prompt. Type i to get prompts for each block individually. Press Enter to accept the Globally default option. If you choose the Individually option, XPLODE highlights each block in turn so that you know which block you re working on as you respond to prompts. At the Enter an option [All/Color/LAyer/LType/LWeight/Inherit from parent block/ Explode] <Explode>: prompt, choose whether you want to specify color, layer, linetype, lineweight, or all four. If you are using AutoCAD, the Color option allows you to specify true colors using the RGB system or a color from a color book. (See 11 for more information.) The Inherit from Parent Block option works only for blocks created on layer 0 whose color and linetype were also set to ByBlock. These ByBlock objects then retain their color and linetype after you explode them. Xplode cannot explode blocks whose X and Y scale factors have unequal absolute values. That means an X scale of 1 and a Y scale of 1 is okay, but not an X scale of 2 and a Y scale of 3.
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You can overlap elements by using negative margin values here, so the edge of one element can cross over another. This can create some great effects. However, each browser overlaps differently, so you ll need to view the effect in each browser to see if it works for you.
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9: Common Design Patterns
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IETF Draft Proposals
Figure 11.7 UML sequence diagram for local to parallel error propagation.
15.4.4. Some Results
The locale module helps you localize program output by formatting numbers and strings according to the rules of an end-user s locale. The following sections show you how to query and set various properties of the current locale.
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