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Today almost all businesses have most of their information online for obvious reasons such as accessibility, ease of backups, and manageability. As we have seen in the previous chapters, various layers of protection can be configured to save the data. Setting up a highly available (HA) cluster protects against server or OS failures. RAID protects from disk failures. Backups are a basic way to protect against storage-array failures. However, backup media and servers can be destroyed by sabotage or by man-made or natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, fires, and smoke. This chapter describes strategies for protecting systems and data from a regional disaster. A disaster is defined as an extended outage of mission-critical applications and data because of a lack of network- or computer-processing capabilities. If the outage does not cause loss of revenue, it may take a couple days of outage to qualify it as a disaster. This is an extreme case. For several businesses such as e-commerce sites, hospitals, and airlines, even a few hours of outage constitutes a disaster. In these days of Internet-accelerated business practices, the demand for 24 7 availability and online operations must be met by businesses that wish to remain successful. Gone are the days when small periods of prescheduled downtime were acceptable for maintenance or backups.
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How This Book Is Structured
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Figure 21-9: The piano bench after being shrunk with the STRETCH command. 5. Start the LINE command. Follow the prompts:
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You can edit what you have typed on the command line. If you type a long command and make a mistake, you can backspace up to the mistake and retype the last part correctly. Table 3-1 shows how to use the keyboard edit keys to edit the command line.
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You must leave spaces between the brackets and the text they enclose.
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To add a method to a class, use the public, private, or protected keyword, then the function keyword, followed by the method name, followed by parentheses. You then include the method s code within curly braces:
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Figure 17-5 A fault-tolerant network with redundant switches and load balancers.
Rm r Rm0 r; E rdr n n
The best way to fix this image or any image like it is to use the rubber stamp over and over again, repeatedly Alt-clicking at one location and then clicking at another. Begin by selecting a brush shape slightly larger than the largest blotch. Of the default brushes, the hard-edged varieties with diameters of 5 and 9 pixels generally work best. (The soft-edged brush shapes have a tendency to only partially hide the blemishes and leave ghosted versions behind.) Alt-click with the stamp tool at a location that features similarly colored pixels to the blemished area. Be sure to Alt-click far enough away from the blemish that you don t run the risk of duplicating the blemish as you clone. Then click do not drag directly on the blemish to clone over it. The idea is to change as few pixels as possible. If the retouched area doesn t look quite right, press Ctrl+Z to undo it, Alt-click at a different location, and try again. If your touchup appears seamless absolutely seamless, there s no reason to settle for less move on to the next blemish. Repeat the Alt-click and click routine for every dust mark on the photo. This process isn t necessarily time-consuming, but it does require patience. For example, although it took more than 40 Alt-click and click combinations (not counting 10 or so undos) to arrive at the image shown in Figure 7-7, the process itself took less than 15 minutes. Boring, but fast.
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