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To create a form directly on your page, drag the Form icon into place, and then add the form elements inside the Form container as needed. The Form Inspector, which becomes active whenever the form tag is selected, is where you provide the basic necessary directions for your form (see Figure 16-3). The rest of this section explains each of the Form Inspector s form information areas.
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Bandwidth Sensitivity to random drops Sensitivity to delays Sensitivity to jitters
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Home Networks and Media Center Extenders
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FIGURE 15.12. AFM image obtained in contact mode of a pattern of 80 nm tall features in a Si/SiN substrate produced by ion irradiation through a stencil mask. The features are 1 micrometer in diameter and 1 micrometer apart, 10 mm 10 mm scan. Courtesy Veeco Instruments.
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One aspect of energy calculations that causes many problems in interpretation is the conversion factor used to convert fuel mass to energy. The conversion factor is called the calori c value of the fuel and represents the quantity of energy that can be derived from unit mass of fuel. There are, however, two types of calori c value gross and net. Gross calori c value is the energy obtained from a fuel when the combustion products are returned to the thermodynamic standard state and any water produced
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Just like you can apply GoLive Actions to text links on your Web page, you can do the same here in the QuickTime Editor. It s really just an extension of editing your movie s text. The Actions you can apply here are not the same as the ones on your Web page, though. These are playback oriented for the most part. To turn text in a QuickTime movie track into a link, follow these steps: 1. Select the text sample, and then go to the Text tab of the Text Sample Inspector. 2. In the text entry field, select the work you want to turn into a link and click the Make Link button. 3. Click the New Action button, and then choose your Action from the pop-up menu. 4. Set up the Action per its options. In Figure 21-21, the Action takes the reader to a URL so the setup is the link to the URL.
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This chapter covers the fundamentals of AutoLISP programming and the Visual LISP environment. You read about: How to open the Visual LISP interface and load and use AutoLISP files How to use AutoLISP on the command line What AutoLISP routines look like How to get help in Visual LISP The basic structure of AutoLISP syntax, as well as how to work with numbers and text In the next chapter, you examine how to create variables, work with AutoCAD commands and system variables, modify AutoCAD objects (or entities, as they re often still called in AutoLISP), and work with the fundamental units of AutoLISP, known as lists.
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w exp( -Xu) dw = 1/X. Differentiating this result yields
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Figure 16-37: A sketched path and contours.
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Ic on subcarrier n is expressed as:
(overall analyses and models)
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World Wildlife Canada Fundraiser
Using Coding Standards for Consistency
4,4'-Methylene bisphenylene OCN diisocyanate
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