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3 Image Fundamentals
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These abstract phases correspond to the various stages of a project build. They do not imply any actions themselves. However, components in Maven 2, called plug-ins, can associate code with these phases by binding the code to a lifecycle phase. You can actually specify these phases on the Maven 2 command line, for example:
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Economic and labour analysis Transportation studies Economic analysis Production cost engineering Assessment of Reliability analysis Financial analysis abnormal events
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I m going to make some recommendations about password structure and also about how to keep your passwords safe and sound. In an age where many Web sites have passwords, where you probably use a password to log into your Windows computer, and where even some programs and utilities may have passwords, there certainly are enough of them to go around. So I want to start by shaking the foundations of your universe and say that your password is probably insecure if one or more of the following conditions are true: If your password appears in any kind of dictionary, it might be reproduced the same way (or at least from a word list that matches the entries in that dictionary, if not the definitions and other stuff). If you use familiar data in or for your password like the names of your spouse, your children, or your pets, or perhaps your phone number, street number, or part of your Social Security number crackers often customize their dictionaries with such data when attacking you. Same goes for birthdays, anniversaries, and other numbers that relate to you and your loved ones. Since I just described most passwords that people use, what s a person to do The answer lies in a good working understanding of password complexity. A sufficiently complex password is much more difficult to guess, and makes whatever that password protects much less likely to succumb to a dictionary-based attack. But what are the ingredients of a complex password Glad you asked! According to Microsoft, and lots of other experts who provide password guidelines, a complex password contains: At least 8 characters, preferably as many as 14 A mix of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and other symbols
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5. Before you test this function, you can check out the current value of the local variable, var1. Type var1 in the Visual LISP Console. The Console returns:
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The process for installing new themes on KDE is only slightly different from that for GNOME. To install a new theme, you must first download a theme package. Click the link marked Get new themes... in the upper-right corner of the Theme Manager. This opens a Web browser to the Web site www.kde-look.org. On the left-hand side of the page, click Themes/Styles, and then select the version of KDE that you are using. (In this case, my version of KDE is 3.4, so I clicked the KDE 3.2 3.5 link.) At this point, you can browse for new themes. When you find one you want, download the file. For this example, assume that you ve downloaded the file to the directory /home/stan. Open a terminal window by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting Konsole from the pop-up menu. Type cd /home/stan. Now type ls. You should see the package file in the directory listing. At this point, type tar xvfz packagename, where packagename is the name of the file you just downloaded. The file expands. Usually, this creates a new directory.
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Making connections to your sound card requires that you have the proper cables. The sound card uses 1/4 stereo mini plug connectors. When working with powered speakers you will most likely use a cable with stereo mini plug connectors at each end. When working with older audio equipment and TV devices you will often encounter RCA-type stereo connections. For such situations you need a cable with a stereo mini plug at one end and RCA-type stereo connectors at the other end. These two types of connectors are shown in Figure 6-11.
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The Advent of DASD
Figure 5.36 Norton equivalent of the noise currents at the ports connecting linear and nonlinear subcircuits
QoS Functions in Core and Backbone Networks
18 Working with Blocks and Attributes
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