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right and the maneuver make a K-turn in a particular tight space require different levels of intelligence: from zero up to the substantial degree of perception-based autonomy. Not capable of deciding what to do next (no planning). Absence of planning in most cases means no intelligence. Problem: There is a 10-minute communication lag between Earth and Mars (and probably, the guy does not know what to do next and does not dare to think about it!)
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24 Creating Solids and Editing in 3D
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Vector s may be interpreted as determining the direction of the line in the n-dimensional space Rn . The notation x( ) implies x( ) = [x0 ( )x1 ( ) xn 1 ( )]T . Prove that the slope df/d of f (x( )) R along the line
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given C structure type and its corresponding Python type object:
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Frequency (GHz)
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Assuming a common slope with different intercepts for different batches, the expiration dating period is computed for each individual batch. The minimum of the expiration dating periods of the individual batches is the expiration dating period of the drug product. A third alternative may occur if hypothesis (15) is rejected; it is concluded in this case that the batches do not belong to a single population and the shelf life should be computed for each individual batch. The minimum of the expiration periods of the individual batches is the shelf life of the drug product. Example 2 Slopes and Intercepts Are the Same This example illustrates the application of the poolability test for batch similarity. Assay data from three batches, expressed as %LC, are shown in Table 15. Determine whether or not the three batches belong to a single population.
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Let s introduce you to the tools that you need, in order of importance. We ll draw attention to the important ones and also point out the ones that you might not want to get in the early stages. If you are the type of person who is going to be building more than just the one PC, then over time you are likely to build up quite a toolkit (you ll probably be surprised, but it s amazing how family and friends, unhappy with the system that they bought from a big-name maker, will turn to you for advice or even come right out and ask you to build a system for them when they find out that you broke away from the herd and built your own system!).
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The desktop case was the first, and up until the mid-nineties the most popular type of, PC case. In simple terms, the desktop case is a flat, box case that sits on the desk flat side down. The floppy disk drive and CD drives are at the front of the case, along with the on/off and reset buttons. Why were these cases so popular in the late eighties and early nineties Well, a lot of that popularity had to do with desk space. Many companies were replacing typewriters with PCs, and the desktop case had a similar footprint to a typewriter. Also, the desktop case was a handy monitor stand. Place the desktop case on the desk, pop a 14-inch monitor on top (which was the norm those days), and the monitor is at an almost perfect viewing height! Nowadays monitors are much bigger, and this arrangement doesn t work at all.
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TCP Router
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PC Magazine Wireless Solutions
The point here is that no part of the Python interpreter or the standard libraries has any knowledge of your special file class, nor does it need to. Sometimes a custom class can act like one of a different type even if it s not derived from a common base class (that is, files and Reverse do not share some common generic file superclass). One instance in which this feature is useful is when you re building GUI-based applications (see 19) and you want text messages to go to a graphical window instead of to the console. Just write your own filelike class that sends a
Divide network into small LAN segments Splitting a shared LAN into LAN segments reduces the number of users contending for bandwidth. The rule is to keep subnets with as few hosts as possible. It helps localize traffic within a segment. High user, voice, and video traffic on a segment does impact the neighboring segments. Also, faults and problems within a segment are confined within the segment. Segmentation makes it easier to add, remove, and troubleshoot network devices. Implement three-layer hierarchical design It allows for graceful changes and adding more devices in the future. Robustness and availability can be implemented at each layer. Network traffic is also separated by LAN segments. It also adds scalability. If the number of users increases (tenfold, for example), it is easy to add more switches at the distribution layer. Use VLANs to enhance flexibility With VLANs, a user can be moved to anywhere in the enterprise without having to change the static IP address of the user s devices as long as the VLAN number remains the same. This makes it easy to add or move devices and contributes to increased scalability and ease of management. Use hot standby router protocol (HSRP) for routers This increases availability by having a standby, redundant router. Use spanning tree protocol (STP) for switches This increases switch availability because it guarantees a layer-2 path between two devices. STP enables an active path between two nodes and a redundant path will be activated if and when the active path dies. In Figure 33-10, switch 1 provides the active path for VLANs 11, 13, and 15 by acting as the root bridge. Similarly switch 2 is the root bridge for VLANs 12, 14, and 16. Under normal conditions, each switch services different VLANs and share the network load (three VLANs per switch). If one switch fails, the other switch takes up the load of all six VLANs. This design boosts performance and availability of the network. Using backup WAN links When it comes to WAN links, a network administrator is less in control than with LANs. WAN links are leased from a service provider. Select a trustworthy WAN provider with a competitive SLA. Get statements about the WAN s reliability, availability, and scalability (RAS). A failsafe strategy is to get a backup WAN link (T-1, frame relay, fiber) from another service provider. A weak
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