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with the values 10, 20, and Z, use:
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CS service applications
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Size applies a specific size to your text. Choose a unit of measure, and then enter the desired number. Or, choose a browser-determined size such as Small or Smaller. The most popular measurements seem to be pixels and ems. The size you set is the size visitors see when your page loads, so you want everyone to be comfortable with it. Each user can still use the font sizing buttons or menu choices, but he or she would have to do that for each page. Line Height is better known as leading in the print world. It adds space above your line of text. Specifically, it is the amount of space from one text baseline to the next.
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Unlike most graphics programs, Photoshop invests a lot of its capabilities in the keyboard. Literally hundreds of functions are available exclusively at the press of a key. For example, Photoshop provides no menu command that adds the next selection outline you draw to the previous one. There is no command that hides all palettes, nor is there an option that brings up the last-used color-correction settings. Every one of these options is out of your reach if you don t know the right key. The keyboard may seem like an unlikely artistic tool, but it is both a powerful and an essential ally in Photoshop. There are three basic varieties of keyboard tricks. Some keystroke combinations produce immediate effects. For example, pressing and Delete together fills the selection with the background color. Other keys change the behavior of a tool or command. Pressing Shift while dragging with the lasso tool adds the lassoed area to the previous selection. As a result, Shift, Option, , and Control are known collectively as modifiers. The third variety is shortcuts that you invent for yourself, generically know as scripts, which are covered back in B.
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Rs R0 = Rs + R0
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As with a word processor, you can align each paragraph of text. Alignment is a paragraph-level format. When you place the cursor anywhere in a paragraph and choose an alignment option, the entire paragraph takes on that alignment. This is just like in word processing or page layout, except that HTML doesn t provide for text justification. By default, text is aligned flush left, so there s often no need to adjust alignment at all. Style sheets provide more alignment control, also enabling you to justify text. If you ll be using a style sheet, you don t need to use the alignment discussed here to code the alignment into the HTML. You can use the alignment buttons for older browsers and also use a style sheet, as long as the alignment matches. (Otherwise, the instructions may clash.) When you use the toolbar to align your text, you are not adding the <font> tag to your text. Alignment uses the <div> tag. This means it in no way conflicts with accessibility standards. Alignment works the same whether the text you re aligning is on the plain page, in a text box on a grid, or in a floating box. To align your text, follow these steps: 1. Place your cursor anywhere within the paragraph you want to align. If you want to align more than one paragraph, select at least a part of each paragraph. 2. Click one of the three alignment buttons on the Text toolbar: Align Left aligns the text along the left edge of the browser window. As the user resizes the browser window, the left edge remains constant. However, the words that fall at the left edge change as the text reflows to fit the window. Left alignment is the default. Align Center aligns the center of each line at the exact center of the browser window. As usual, text reflows to fit the window, so the words contained on each line change. Align Right places the text along the right edge of the browser window, leaving the left edge ragged (uneven). (Sentences still read left to right.) This alignment is the most affected by the resizing of the browser window as the text (and graphics within the paragraph) attaches to the right side. That means the effect of the reflowing lines is more noticeable. Figures 8-14 shows text aligned three ways.
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Fig. 8.2 Features of particle trajectories, velocity vectors, and temperature contours
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Figure 15-3 A web-based con guration/monitoring tool
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Part III Networking and the Internet
Modalities Modalities WSs PACS Server
325 326
Fit this connector carefully, making sure to tighten any screws used to keep the connector in place on the socket. Again, remember that there s no need to overtighten the thumbscrews hand-tight is tight enough! See Figure 16-2.
; Maximum number of links (persistent + non-persistent). ibase.max_links = -1 ; Default database name for ibase_connect(). ;ibase.default_db = ; Default username for ibase_connect().
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