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This chapter looked at the basic building blocks now being developed, via a number of manufacturing techniques, to support developments in next-generation optics (nanophotonics) and electronics (nanoelectronics). Basic building blocks include nanotubes, nanowires, quantum dots, and other nanocomposites. Speci c applications of these technologies to telecommunications and computing are discussed in the chapters that follow.
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Multilayer switch Production Data Center Servers FC-to-IP router
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13 Creating Text
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Figure 16-20: The information from this form doesn t help you because the entries weren t validated before the form was sent.
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Create the image and allocate black and white. Because white is the first color allocated, it will be the background color of the image. Black will be used to add a border to the image.
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No. of BTSs EGPRS MS capability Scheduler Service WAP MMS PoC STR SWIS WWW
(returned materials authorization) is a process used by all manufacturers for the return of materials, whether in warranty or not, for repair or replacement of the failed component.
1. Open ab19-01.dwg from your AutoCAD Bible folder if you did the first exercise in this chapter. If you didn t do the first exercise in this chapter, use Windows Explorer to find ab19-b .dwg in the Drawings folder on the CD-ROM and ab19-01.dwg and ab19-02.dwg in the Results folder on the CD-ROM. Copy all three files to your AutoCAD Bible folder. In Windows Explorer, right-click each file and choose Properties. Uncheck the Read-Only
4 Mbps 16 MHz 20 Mbps Less than or equal to 100 MHz
Although it is widely accepted that genetic factors have probably not caused the trends in obesity over recent times, a genetic effect might arise because of the impact of assortative mating that is when people choose partners non-randomly with regard to a particular trait. Assortative mating is well described for many traits, such as height, race, religion and social class. Recent studies have shown that assortative mating may also apply to obesity, in that overweight people tend to select overweight partners (Allison et al., 1996; Hebebrand et al., 2000; Speakman et al., 2007). Assortative mating would only contribute to the obesity epidemic if it had become more prevalent over time. Theoretical models show that this may have a signi cant contributory effect, but cannot explain the entire scale of the current obesity epidemic. An increase in assortative mating may be occurring because people now marry and have children later, but become fatter younger which would make the identi cation
could work out on a calculator since the nuclear coordinate values are known and xed. The total energy depends on the nuclear coordinates, which we will represent collectively as R:
Python s continue statement jumps to the next iteration of a loop. The break statement jumps out of a loop entirely. These statements apply only to the innermost loop; if you are in a loop-within-a-loop-within-a-loop, break jumps out of only the innermost loop. You can follow the body of a for-loop with an else-clause. The code in the else-clause executes after the loop finishes iterating, unless the program exits the loop due to a break statement. (If you have no break statement in the loop, the else-clause always executes, so you really have no need to put the code in an else-clause.) Listing 5-4 illustrates break, continue, and an else-clause:
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